Stinky Sunday Selfie

Hi Evfurry..we are a bit late for Sunday Selfies today as Mums internets was slower than a snail with a backback full of books swimming through Treacle over the weekend..and it stopped totally at one point..which was like living in the dark ages…


So we apologise and offer our selfies and thank The Cat on My head for putting up with not only Mums usual slackness but now her interwebbs!




Dinnermintz offers her selfie as a black and white..she figures it represents the dark ages without computers….


Like living in the dark ages...pfft!
Like living in the dark ages…pfft!

Now Mum said it stinks when the internet or computer spoils her plans..i Cleo say things that STINK can be good…you see when my human brothers visit often they will take their shirts off and enjoy the sun puddles..go figure humans are maybe more like cats than we think!

And when that happens…well i move in…scent of a T-shirt can be the BEST stink of all…so i offer my pure joy at things that stink..fess up i know you are all with me! especially Savvy! so my selfies really STINK! ..

Heaven..oh YEAH!
Heaven..oh YEAH!
Yep that's it!
Yep that’s it!


Ok not a selfie but i lost my head..MOL.
Ok not a selfie but i lost my head..MOL.

So pop over and see all the fun selfies guys..just click our sidebar badge and you will be able to check out the fab selfies that all our friends have worked hard at!

Many thanks again to The Cat on My Head kitties for this great bloggie hop..paw pats Cleo x



23 thoughts on “Stinky Sunday Selfie

    1. Mol yes it is Fozziemum alright Miss Savvy…only she could be so useless as to not let you know MOL…..we had to have our own blog becuase we have too much trouble getting on mums ! and yes the dirtier the better Savvy! MOL..paw pats Cleo xxx


  1. aaaah yes, stinky t-shirts are like drugs :o)
    we have the same problem since weeks, that you can clean out the dishwasher while opening a site… and always in the evening or on weekend… except yesterday, where we had no internet… :o(

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  2. What is with the internets..Mum was so angry..if not emails going stupid …still…then the go slow and then nothing..and the spinning spinning wonder mums eyes went funky MOL….and oh boy the stink the armpit on that shirt… you think if ask nicely he human brthers could wrap some up for xmas presents for me? MOL..paw pats Cleo xx

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    1. MOL MOL ..Mum had a pair of shoes like that….she called them the polecats MOL…wonder what she meant??? and indeed after use much better..gets a good stank on MOL..paw pats Cleo xxxxx ❤


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