Friday roundup

Hi evfurry.

I thought i would give a round up of the weeks activites here..ready for a MOL..or BOL..

Ok so the cold has set in ..straight away we descend on Lapland…a place where Mums ooze warm and even though they are nowhere near as soft and lovely as us it will do in a pinch..know what i mean?

Cleo and i get first dibbs
Cleo and i get first dibbs on Lapland

Now being cooler Mum decided it was time to get the fire she had cleaned the firebox including the window which all summer had her mesmorised..the build up inside the window made a terrier face..weird huh? , so she had left it dirty..very un – Virgo Mum!

So the fire was was going gang busters…Dad had a meeting at the SES about the emergency equipment in the off he went..

The pups got sorted straight away in their usual positions…


Yep a thing of beauty that fire..a real ripper ..notice anything Mum??
Yep a thing of beauty that fire..a real ripper ..notice anything Mum??


So Mum goes outside..just to see that the flue cleaner had worked and that the smoke was coming out of the flue…yep roger that…so she skips inside quite pleased with herself and opens the laundry door..VOILA! house full of of course she goes into a panic..she is seeing smoke coming from the top of the firelplace…holey cow! , ok so then the fire alarm in her studifous goes off…now Dad had just installed one in there that day..the other ones are not making a sound…so bang..Doc is barking and running around..Dinnerminzt and Marbles take off up the hallway…mum is opening doors and windows and just KNOWS Cleo is going to do a runner…she is on her phone ringing Dad and trying to stop the dang alarm by waving a mousepad under it….lunacy unravelled!..well Dad says all good i am Mum finds Cleo she is UTB with Dinnerminzt and Marbles..Doc is now outside barking still the alarm will not go off and Mum is dragging Forrest from the loungeroom as the smoke thickens and he seems blissfully unaware….i decide maybe to just stay put and watch this one woman circus..Mum throws me in the bedroom with the other girls..


Really Mum!
Really Mum!

So then Mum realises the problem..she has forgotten that ALL summer her candles have been sitting on  the heater …did you see them in the pre-circus  pics? yep..they have melted into the top of the heater and of course VOILA ..we have more smoke than a Black Sabbath concert and none of the fun…so Mum grabs two teatowels and grabs the GLASS plate the wax has totally melted off and takes it  outside..burning her finger in the process..Dad arrives home…wearing his emergency clothes because he was at a now Mum is thinking she is totally safe..but the neighbours might start arriving… embarrassing..Dad sees..Doc and Forrest barking and running around the back…us all UTB the house smells like a bad day at Madame Tussaud’s and Mum has an ouchie..and the house still has smoke pouring out….so the air clears..and Dad gets the ice for Mum’s finger grabs a bandaid and heads off again…night complete…


Of course all this fun is made more so by the fact Mum is getting next to no sleep..see Doc has been acting weird..he has been leaving Mum and Dad’s room at night going outside and sleeping on his this has freaked Mum out..he complains at the slightest breeze so this is weird..and he and Forrest have never slept outside over she has been bringing him back in and he keeps sneaking she has put a big blanket out there but it does not sit right with she gets up grabs him tucks him back in to his bed which is always on the floor next to her ..he is eating well and everything and is happy and playing but this is just odd..Mum wonders if he may have a bit of Old-timers 😦 so she is now locking the doggie door at night..which means Forrest is licking Dad’s knees early every morning to go out for a peemail…the joys…


Now because of this and Mum now having a squiffy tummy due to eating Mac Donalds and stuffing a giant coffee with the wrong milk down her chops while test driving cars..long story…we thought we might help out with the bills this week..


Our registration is due for us furries and also the permit had to be paid for an excess cat..we are allowed three without a permit..we are yet to decide which one is excess…depends on who is being a cow Mum says MOL…so i set about trying to pay this bill..


I tried to help really i did..
I tried to help really i did..

But after pawing through every page and all the writing i just kind of left it to Mum…she was not at all embarrassed to show them today when she paid it…what’s wrong with a few paw prints.. i mean it DOES involve us after there you go..we had quite a week..and so now if you don;t mind i am off to my bed and supper..boy what a week!

Paw pats Pickles xxx


38 thoughts on “Friday roundup

  1. OK – we are truly sorry to tell you this but Mom and I are still in hysterics over this story….yep – we realize it’s not nice to laugh at the melted wax and the smoke and people and animals running around like chickens with their heads whacked off BUTTTT you have to admit – now that it’s over – wasn’t it just a TEENSY bit funny? We think so……(bbwaaaahahahaha….oops sorry) Now we want you to promise that you will have a BORING WEEKEND – no emergencies, no alarms, no visits from aliens – just RELAX and have a CALM weekend OK??? Promise????

    Hugs, Sammy and Mom Pam who is still giggling

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    1. Sammy and Miss Pam we was like Barnum and Bailey..I mean i was calm and Forrest was snoring? so why the fuss…i mena Mum should be happy her eyes were finally watering..MOL MOL….i think we will just chill this weekend…and i will make sure Mum has her act together ..sheesh…at least with all doors open Cleo didn’t take off and leave mum wandering the bush in the dark… MOL i have had in awhile 🙂 paw pats and lives Pickles xxx


  2. I’m glad the candle-adventure endet well and Sir Elton hadn’t to renovate his candle song again… Let me know who is the cow , LOL. I hope you will not land in that Lapland, they have the stinkiest fish on earth and they have minttu and lakka the booze-twins what are as evil as the overlook-twins…
    I became sick from MCD too… I ate the drawing book and the pencils I’ve found in my junior bag …

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    1. Boy we are glad to…what a scene….i think we prefer our Lapland..where only the wax smelling mums are 🙂 MOL at the book and pencils..Dad came to the table with Mums meal and she ordered a double shot latte..which came in what looked like a milkshake glass…she has a problem with lactose..hmmm so she also was given Dad later after test driving cars a refreshing coffee flavoured milk?? what was he thinking…she has had a gut problem since..and has renamed the drink the double s*#t latte…hmmmm..


      1. Mum is getting a corolla levina zr or something it will be her first brand new car that is not a working car..we will still have the big one for evacuations and stuff and Dad will be doing up the pvan…much to mums disgust…Mum felt like she had to sit her licence with the dude in the front with her and Dad in the back..she drove past an accident that she must have just missed!..the dude looked he was ready belt the other dude..imagine she was involved in a new car MOL MOL..and she has had a few drives of the white bus..but i can tell you before i pfaff off to bed that it is NOT the candles that are in the wind…just sayin 😉 Loves Pickles xx


      2. it’s great that she gets a brandnew car, she deserved it and I’m super happy fur her!!! Glad the test-drive found a happy end. I hope she has always a good wheel on the road and one hand on the horn :o) My grampy left the car as my mom had a test drive once… but fortunately he gave her the moneeh anyway :o)

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      3. MOL.. poor Mum least she got the money from Grampy anyway 🙂 yes Mum will love the car./the steering wheel has a weird thing to move it around..Mum looked like a dill as the dude was showing her ..she was laughing and giggling and saying woo hoo…boy i am glad i was home MOL MOL 🙂


  3. OMCS/OMDS your mom burned the candles…were they scented…oh dear me. thank goodness there wasn’t any mac and cheese in the fireplace…burned cheese is disgusting. mol mol mol
    Mums you gotta love’em in spite of their short comings. We cracked up a lapland.
    Happy Friday hugs madi your bff

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    1. Madi..i am glad the Mac cheese was away…the stank would have been awful! i mean she tries our Mum but…come can SEE the candles..i am off to lapland again tonight..hoping i do not get disturbed MOL MOL…paw pats and loves Pickles xxx


    1. Dakota our lives are very much the same MOL MOL…i have said to Mum we will do a Friday post from now on all about the idiot things her and Dad do…she was thrilled MOL..i want to call it ..”meanwhile back at the ranch” MOL…paw pats Pickles xxxx


  4. pickles…..yur storee had uz tryin hard knot ta laff coz we noe it wuz knot troo lee funnee for ewe guys …..ore mum in de long run….de food gurl heer acted just az …bizzarree…. 🙂 once…. when her wuz helpin her gram maw burn sum leeves & tree limbs N such

    they hadda grate fire goin N wuz haulin yard waste frum everee korner ta puts on de burn pile; neither one payin a ten shunz two de other act shoo a lee N each one thinkin
    de other iz keepin a watch full eye out on de burn pile….

    … de food gurl goes down ta toss sum mor yard waste on de burn pile ta find de flames iz now two close for comfort ta de woodz next door…and de shed….

    her yellz for her gram ta come help…they both debate bout callin in de fire dept; N dee side de firez…. knot THAT bad, N they can handle it ther selves….

    de wind haz now picked up N thoughts bout callin de food gurls dad, who happens ta bee ON de fire dept run thru ther heads… de way…yellin at wind ta stop doez knot werk

    they race up & down de hill goin frum fire ta wher de houze hoze waz stretched…loozin mor water than knot….with buckets oh water ta douse de flames….a good 20 times

    gram paw { who wuz disabled N un abe bull a help } … iz in de houz talkin ta hiz son on de fone & uncle asks whatz goin on…gram paw says oh, knot much…mom & laura R tryin ta set de shed & de woods on fire…hey, did ya catch de basketball game ( this iz how de conversation act shoo a lee wented coz uncle told uz later )

    afturr what seemed like a yeer, burnt shooz, sooty clothes N bein outta fire iz out, de woodz iz safe az iz de shed……( they never reel lee wuz in danger….it just seemed sew )

    and de creek that was filled ta de bank with …WATER….wuz knot mor then 3 feet a way frum de fire & burn pile ta start with 🙂 ♥

    heerz two a largemouth bass lined sole kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

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    1. MOL MOL MOL..we must have the same sort of peeps dudes! i love that your gram paw was just casually chatting MOL MOL..they make me wonder if they should get outta bed some days these humans MOL MOL..have a great weekend and hope their is a fishfry…or even a smoked haddock MOL MOL paw pats and loves Pickles xxxx ❤ ❤


  5. MOL from us kitties and ROTFLMAO from Mom. We have one big question: Was your mum wearing those cool jammies when all this happened? The hot wax can be so dangerous. Mom was melting some on the stove once to make candles when it caught on fire. Not thinking too clearly, she picked up the pan to carry it outside. When she opened the door, the breeze blew the flames back on her arms and burnt the hairs off. Any who, we are glad all is well that ends well. Sounds like some “Old-timers” for Doc. Our humans’ angel dog, Poppy, had that. One day she just started wandering down the street and was picked up by animal control. So now that you know more than you ever cared to, we will say Happy Friday and sign-off. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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    1. MOL MOL guys Mum was wearing those snazzy jammies…and you are right those Mum scan make such silly mistakes…OUCH to the arm hairs..although i think Mum could have left her legs out and maybe lost some furs from them MOL MOL..poor Poppy 😦 it is sad when they get the old-timers..i hope that Animal control was nice to her…boy peeps and pups..easier being a kitty i think MOL MOL..paw pats Pickles xx


    1. Layla i will…i could not believe what a putz i was…and thankyou for the lovely compliment and share..i do love the eyes on my sweeties and i think they tell a true story….hugs Bev xx


  6. Oh, my sweet Pickles did you all ever have a week. Sure hope your mom’s tummy is right now and all the smoke is gone and didn’t leave a bad smokey smell on everything. Happy you all got to come out from under the bed too. Hope you all can figure out what is going on with sweet Doc and we wish you all a week with no bumps or ripples. Hugs and nose kisses

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    1. Chancy thankyou ..indeed the house still smells a bit like a wax museum but we are all fine..Doc slept out all night on his bed under a big blanket and was a happy boy this morning..Mum thinks he is sick of us all or going through Mental PAWS…MOL MOL..paw pats Pickles xxx


    1. Aunty Sharon indeed she would be in trouble if we were not there to help…MOL..Doc seems fine..h went and slept outside on his bed under a blanket and was happy as larry this morning..Mum thinks he is sick of us all MOL MOL..paw pats Pickles xxx

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  7. What an adventure, Pickles ! We’re glad it ended well ! We’re sorry to tell you that we had to giggle imagining all of you running here and there, your Mom with her pawsome pajamas maybe, and all that in “more smoke than a Black Sabbath concert and none of the fun” MOL ! Purrs

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    1. MOL MOL Zorro and Piixei i was quite amused watching from the top of the couch..i mean sure i could barely see through the smoke..and the alarm was a real screamer ..but hey it was better than what was on TV MOL MOL ..loves Pickles xxx


  8. OMGosh Pickles, I could hardly keep up! BUT that is why I don’t burn candles. Used to have to leave myself a post it note on the door to make sure I’d blow them out before I left the house. Hope you all are getting some rest. I feel like I need a nap and I just got up!

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