Bacons show and Tell

Hi evfurry
Today we are participating in Bacon’s Show and Tell

We were asked about a favourite toy our folks loved when they were kids and carried around everywhere….back when Dinosaurs roamed the Earth..funny Mum loved Dinosaurs.very fact she wanted to be an Archaeologist..this was not to be..she only found one dinosaur fossil and the old dude next door took it to his worky place at the university and gave mum a piece of paper saying how old it was and never gave it back!!

Mum was royally cheesed off..Mum was obsessed with Dinosaurs ..she could have just looked out her window and seen them in her backyard i am sure..MOL….

Instead Mum had plastic ones…and she would get this series of magazines from the newsagent who had a shop in a rock out of this one…


These magazines kept her happy…dreaming of the day she would go find some bones and become famous..she just wanted an excuse to get dirty…much like now!

These were Mum’s fave magazine ever!


The main reason was if it was not Dinosaurs one week then the next it was some new thing like planets or plants or the Sea..
Mum loved to read and learn how things worked..or how they came to be..she has always been a nosey beak MOL..she still has to know everything about everything!

And these magazines could be rolled up and carried to sit  under trees where imaginations are even better..they would get a little mussed up but they still were super special to mum..

Reading was a great way for Mum to escape into her own space..she still loves to read and learn..she says you can never read too much !
And this is also why mum likes to write things..she loves to tell a story even if it is a bad one or boring…just being able to put her minds thoughts in written form is good exercise she says..
So there you go mum..our Dinosaur Mum was a bookworm..but a bookworm who also had a little shovel and dug up the ground..
And that was one of Mums favourite ‘toys’…not so much a toy but a means to an adventure anyway! and guess what..soon she will be picking up her human kids old books from childhood and reading a fave or two.
I think she is starting with ‘The Folk of the Faraway Tree’….Mum will never grow up MOL…
Mum they are NOT dinosaur prints…..


Paw pats Pickles…


25 thoughts on “Bacons show and Tell

  1. Oh that was a great way to create your own world. How mean that this old dude snitched her dino piece…. imagine with some help from google and yahoo clever your mom could clone her own dino with that fossil… My momma went to an ole stone pit with her dad as she was a puppy and after working there for 87 hours they found an ammonite…and the museum guys took it and put it in a showcase without mentioning my mom or her dad… and therefore we are totally with Captain Jack Sparrow : take what you can and give nothing back ha!

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    1. Boy Easy that stinks too! seems these dino peeps are super greedy about sharing things they do not find MOL..mum found hers in a cave at the beach..and she should have left it there and hidden it..then she could go and get it and keep it now..she is still sore about that….MOL.. agree with Jack Sparrow too! paw pats Pickles xx


  2. My Mom remembers when dinosaurs roamed the earth…..(haha). Seriously though she wanted to be an archeologist too when she was younger – she dreamed of going on “digs” and finding treasures. Sadly that was not meant to be – when she “digs” now it’s in the flower beds and the only treasures she finds are rocks, big fat worms, and buried acorns thanks to the squirrels. Oh well……maybe in her next life she’ll be an ACTUAL archeologist – maybe your Mum will be too Pickles??!!

    Hugs, Sammy

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    1. That would be super fun Sammy! and they could dig for treasure….mum has found so far here..many things..none treasure…an old mobile phone…a gearbox…a cat collar with a name tag…a dog collar…shotgun casings…horseshoes….very odd..but she seems happy for a dinosaur 🙂 loves Pickles xxx Pee Ess mum says worms are great! she has tried hard and now has worms!..oh my Sammy that sounds wrong MOL MOL….


      1. HAHAHA……we would NOT like your Mom to have worms for sure…..we have TONS of worms in our planting beds so we figure our soil is good – now if Mom would just PLANT SOMETHING in there!!!!!!!


  3. OMP! That is so neat. I think I want to secretly want to be an archaeologist too. I love, LOVE those Jurassic Park movies. All that roaring and huge dino’s. Squeals – so exciting my friend. Let’s go to the island and have some fun – you in? XOXO – Bacon


  4. bev…way awesum…!!

    my favorite toy wasn’t really a toy…..but my collection of Nancy Drew Mystery Books and the books I could order from Scholastic !!…..I’d do odd jobs to earn allowance money and babysat kids to build up my bank account, only to turn around and buy books…I had a sizeable ND collection then gave it to my cousins daughter; and recently; just for the “fun” of it I ordered the first four in the series from an online book seller, enjoyed them just as much again now…. as I did then !!

    check out abe books sometime; they ship worldwide; have sellers worldwide and maybe one of them close to you has the dino magazines you loved so well ! would be nice to have one…just for the FUN of it !! ♥♥♥



  5. Yur Mumma was Dinosaurss an mee Mumma was Horsess….an horsess…an more horsses… reedin too Pickless!! Shee still reedss allott an shee used to reed to aunty Nylablue. Sumtimess mee likess when shee reedss to mee…when mee not bouncin off htee wallss, mew mew mew….
    **paw patss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx.


  6. What a great post. I secretly would have liked to work on translating ancient texts. Thank goodness for places like Melbourne Museum. I once saw and touched Wooly Mammoth hair/fur and saw a fragment of a kids homework from the Messy Potato era. (mesopotamian era). Your Mum would have made a great archaeologist. I am pretty sure I saw dino skulls on her property? have skirted half a felix fleece and washing it today so that I can card when I go away tomorow. My hands are so white and lovely from Felix’s wool. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Bwahahaha Messy Potato…love it…Mum would have been cool at digs i am sure! did you see one here!! get digging Aunty Sharon! i am so glad Felixs wool has made your hands all white 🙂 we hope you had a super Easter..mum got the lurgy so we are late in replying..poor old dino mum BOL…paw pats Doc xx

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  7. Though our mom is old, she says she never saw a dinosaur. But she says her mom started her reading at a young age, and she has never stopped. To write, you must read. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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  8. You are famous now, Fozziemum, so that reading and fantasies brought you were you dreamt of anyway 😀 Thank you for your ecard, dear Fozziemum. That made us very hoppy ❤
    Pawkisses for an eggstra Happy Easter and hope your Easter Bunny Day is filled with fun in every way 🙂 ❤

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