Mondays are bummers

Mum went to the shops and bought a new chair for her studifous and all i got was this stupid box….


Oh who am i kidding i love it MOL MOL..


43 thoughts on “Mondays are bummers

    1. MOL…Easy it is a super box…and after dinner Dinnermintz left a reverse meal on the top..Mum was not happy but it was ok Forrest cleaned it up..and now I can go back to plotting my takeover of the studifous from my chairmans box..MOL…paw pats Pickles..pee ess excuse my butt…Mum has no shame….xxx


    1. Sammy it sure is..for Marbles it’s Moopieville..her nick name is moopie and she claims it by sleeping in there..then Dinnermintz gets on top..and it kind of bends a bit MOL…and she starts with the ginger smacky paw and then…IT…IS..ON..MOL…but Cleo has no when it all calms down…and evfurry has walked off…Dinnermintz goes back for a sneaky snack…BOY ..all over a box..and excuse my dairy ayre….Mum has no shame…MOL…paw pats Pickles xx


      1. Cleo thee house panfurr bettur bee carefull with clawss….or else shee will bee inn thee box an you Pickless Queen of thee Doe-main will get thee chair 😉
        **nose kissess** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

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  1. We thought you were kidding because we know all about those boxes…they make a great place for play and napping. Pooh has a box and I have a box too…did you know some dogs like boxes too? If the cats have one I want one and that is the truth. Hugs and nose kisses. Chancy


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