Dry az a chip

Hi evfurry..we haz shown some picz of our super back yardz and evfurry loves them…we do too..it’z a oasis here..

Now we haz decided to show you all the ugly truthz of our summer here in the bush…

Four yearz ago the waterz went over this side where the arrow iz!
Four yearz ago the waterz went over this side where the arrow iz!

The water waz over the topz of this dam wall four yearz ago..

The opposite sidez of the dam and this mark where the arrow iz showz where granny an grandad put bagz to stop erosion.the water waz up to the mark…all those rushes waz under water..!

Kitty day spa KDS
Kitty day spa KDS

The rose granny potted fur the girls KDS is three timez the size it waz.so that’s nice for some colour..


Because grannies front yard iz a dust bowlz…

It used to look more pretty
It used to look more pretty

It waz nice an green…..

The girls cat grass crop iz doing great though
The girls cat grass crop iz doing great though

But they share with uz too..

Nom nom
Nom nom

So when granny can’t do much in the gardenz she heads to the kitchen..and makes her piez..apple an blackberry…delish..



She sayz evfurrything is better wiff pie BOL….
And also with the heatz the girls are getting their furz brushed all the time..we haz a pile of furz…BOL..


So we needz a rain dance evfurry…we needz some rain soon coz the tortoises had babies an needs the water..and the roos do too..they haz been allver the dam fur a drink…

Been a lot of rooz here fur a drink!
Been a lot of rooz here fur a drink!


Some big ones to!

So rain dance away evfurry and here’ to some rain please..we need it!! paw pats Doc xxx


42 thoughts on “Dry az a chip

    1. It’s very parched Miss Caren….granny sayz it’z all the yard workz that stopz her from being Gilbert Grapes mum BOL…befur she had kids she waz a lot bigger but her metabolismz changed an she can eat a bit now befur it affects her..BOL..just as well on …paw pats Doc xx


  1. Crikey …… you sure do need some rain, aye?? I’ll get Mum to do a rain dance. That should be fun to watch. Funny country this!! Droughts and flooding rains. It’s either one or the other.
    Now about that pie!!!!!!!! How can I get me some of that????????

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    1. Thanks Sue I hope we get these storms that are supposed to come..and yes they are roo prints 🙂 the big males can be over 6 six feet tall and weigh quite a bit! I hope you have a lovely day too my friend 🙂 loves Bev XX


  2. Dear me how I wish I could send you some of our rain…our backyard is so soggy is squishes when you walk. We are way way above normal rainfall for this time of year.
    OMDs pass me so pie please. apple and blackberry sounds out of this world yummy
    hugs madi and mom

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    1. It is either soggy or dusty Madi an Miss Cecilia…we all haz crud weather..haz some pie…mum putz some pistachio cinnamon sugarz in the mix…iz delish! 🙂 paw pats Dinnerminzt xx


  3. Uhoh on the drought! Not good…….yes the little animals get thirsty but so do lawns! That brown grass isn’t what’s left of all those beautiful green rolls of turf you put down when you were redoing the yard is it?!?!?!?! EEEEK!

    Hugs, Sammy and Mom Pam

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  4. dood…we got R rain shooz on… N will dance non stop… ore til lunch brake, which ever oh curz furst……sorree ya iz knot gettin de much kneaded rainz….we noe ya had thiz trubull last yeer az well….we hope de weather cods smile on ewe… N send sum rains yur way….knot two much…just enuff for what everee one kneadz ♥♥♥

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  5. Mee-you Doc mee got LadyMum to doa gentull *rain dance* fur all of youss…Hopefully it werkss….wee hass thee pesky 5 FEET of snow here again; it onlee wee could send it to you!
    Yur backyeard lookss so luvely; the front yard not so much 😉
    An thee KDS iss pawsum….LadyMum wantss to get one builed fur mee but shee was not alloud…
    Mee wood LUV a 2 storey KDS!
    **play bowss** an ~~heab buttss~~ Siddhartha Henry ~~

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    1. Sweetie I bet you would..you never know ladymum could get quite creative with your condo..and yes the front yard is desolate and depressing at the moment..loves and scritches Aunty Bev xx


      1. Mee wood Aunty Bev! mee allso wood LUV FUR IT TO STOP SNOWIN ALLREADY!!!!!! Seereusslee wee are inn a blizzerd today……mee wantss to send it ALL to you’ss there!
        Housin will not let LadyMumm ‘get creative’…
        An mee has nevurr been out inn a KDS or Condo so wee not even know iff mee will go fur it 😉
        Sorry thee front yard iss dessolate…mee finkss you’ss shoudl stay inn thee backyard where it iss GREEN!!!!!
        **paw kissess** Siddhartha Henry XxXxXx

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      2. Oh sweetie…we have seen the terrible weather you have…,not fun!! a bit of snow maybe but enough alright already….I guess you will have to wait to see what you think of the warner season 🙂 and yes the backyard is much better !!loves Aunty Bev xxx


      3. Anyfing will bee bettur than closed windoess an 5 FEET of white snow that will not go away an cloudy dayss an NO sunshine…..
        Bring on Spring….just fink thiss will bee me ferst Spring…just gotta get thru brew-tall Winter 😉
        **nose kissess** Siddhartha Henry (snow weery)

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  6. MOL And now yous gunna find out where ow mommy gwu up, cuz herz luvs yous dust bowl. MOL We wuld much radder hav dat than da gween gwass. Mommy sez hers wuld be happy ifin they tore up da (lawn) weeds here and put iin rocks. MOL Enjoy yous cat gwass. 🙂

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

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