Funday Friday Frolics with Pensioner Pups

Happy friday was a great day..first off we had brekkie..then slept…BOL…

Mum did workz on her bloggie a some picshures until her eyeballz went like lollypopz…


So we went out the backz an mum went fur a walk with her camera.. she wanted to find somethin nice to take a picshure  of.. she said ‘ I just want to find something different’…and she did! BOL..

Remember when Mum an Dad found Tutor? He was taken down to our dam and they hoped he would be safe an happy..




Well it seemz either he was a she or he has found a girlfuriend..who already had eggz..cos mum found by the waterz edge at the dam..hiding in the mud..a teeny tiny tortoise!..he waz furry hard to see with  the camera coz he was in the murky waterz an he waz dodging Mum haz called him Arty (Artful Dodger Mum muttered)


Look close coz he the size of Mum’s palm an hard to see BOL…



Mum waz so happy to find something different!

Later we decided it waz time to play..see it haz been raining an Mum won’t throw our toyz in the wet grass coz of Doc’s bad knee an we are getting on an might the last few dayz we haz been having walkz that iz fun.

We can smell bunnies an Roo’s…yesterday we came aroun the corner an ole big mister Roo was right there..lucky we are on leadz..I wanted to ‘play’ with him…Mum said “That’s enough you have seen him before no shush!”

So today the grass had dried out an so we got to play with our new toys from Santa…

I might be 11 goin on 12 this year an Doc is 12 goin on 13..but we still love to play and run and just haz to be done in moderashunz Mum says and not until we are pooped..BOL..

So us Pensioner pups had a great play..and then Doc went fur a swim and we both went back to sleeps BOL…

It’s a great lifez as a older doggie!

Haz  a great Friday we iz back to sleeps now….Paw Pats Forrest..


Throw it Granny!
Throw it Granny!



Don't tease Granny
Don’t tease Granny



Throw it Mum
Throw it Mum



Don't tease me too mum!
Don’t tease me too mum!





40 thoughts on “Funday Friday Frolics with Pensioner Pups

    1. Tutor is furry cute..hi baby is even cuter wonder Hell-_mut was egg-sided ! I am not a vegetablarian pup but I do haz veggies everyday wiff my meals..i kinda always get a mouth full of grass when I grabz my toys BOL..tastes good that new grass BOL..paw pats Forrest xx


  1. Babies!! Who doesn’t like babies? What a cute little fellow you found there. And hey you guys, if you want to play ball I can lend you Houdini – snorts. XOXO – Bacon


  2. doodz…best fishes on gettin yur pension…eye haz been waitin on social seCATity for 11 BAZILLION yeerz….. 🙂

    butter lover boomer o cat ~~~

    N welcome two de werld arty !!

    heerz two a pancake batfish week oh end ♥♥♥


    1. Boomer we seen ya strugglez..we needz t take the security peepz to courts..i mean I am like 84 already! an Arty sayz thankz..from the bottom of the dam BOL…..haz a great weekend an loves hiz three point walker BOL….<3 ❤


    1. Aunty Sharn they iz pensioners like us then BOL..and yes the turfz out the back is like a wonderland fur uz with all the dust an dirt..we needed somewhere nce fur uz’s waterin sytem failed in som parts when they went away an a bog chunkz looked dead but it haz come back! da sayz best turf ever an they might do the front too..if they winz the lotto BOL….an today we going to check the tommies what are growing huge too…it’s a oasis mum sayz 🙂 pw pats an loves Forrest xxx


  3. Awwww, looks like you are having lots of fun Forrest! You are just so cutie and I just love all the pics mom posted of you. I know how you feel and Simba does as well. He became 16 years young in December and I must always keep an eye on him so he doesn’t run around too much either. Mom and I know about the muscle aches afterwards, so we can only think how you all must feel after such strenous exercises. 😆

    Sleep is good for sure. You must take great care, have lots of fun and ♥ Lots of Hugs and Love ♥ for all of you. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww Miss Sonel thanks you so furry much ..16 iz a wonderful age fur Simba! Bravo…you must take furry good care of him fur him to be such a grand age! an yes we know mumz know best…BOL…off to sleepiez now zzzzz..BOL paw pats an loves Forrest….< 3 ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Those turtles are so very cute! Especially the new little baby one. Look like you pups had a fun time on your walk! We are so glad to meet you 🙂 We love making new furiends and are now following your blog

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks you guys! they sure are cute..and furry fast BOL…for tortoises! we had a ball..BOL an we loves making new furiends too an follow you az well BOL…paw pats Forrest xxx


  5. Mee-you Doc an Forrest soundss like you had thee purrfect day there! An RAIN iss a good fing 😉 LadyMum told mee bout yur countree…
    Wee still wanna send you a few feet of snow butt thee airliness are not goin fur it…..
    LadyMum wnet all mushy when shee saw Tutor an Arty turtless….shee ADORESS turtless…
    Yur Mum made her a croyshayed one an it sitss with her other turtle SLO on the dresser. Shee did offer mee Speedy turtle butt mee told her to keep it as shee LUVSS turtless so much…then mee tooked Aunty Nylablue’s Petal kitty stuffie, MOL…
    Ok mee must go an nap sum more. (Tired frum reedin so many bloggiess; wee fell so far beehind…)
    **nose bumpss** an Luv Siddhartha Henry ❤ ❤ ❤


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