We gotz Mail..

Well hi evfurry! today waz a great day…we are back home for a start an we are making sure we go NOWHERE!

Grandad left yesterday though on a big 4 hourz drive to a town 4 hourz away..BOL….der!

He haz gone to do training  for four dayz with the SES..the State emergency Service..these peepz are the onez that help when you gotz problemz from stormz damaging you house, car accidentz ,search an rescue, fire assistance (but not fightin fires) and floodz…even if like our sweet friend Easy you haz peepz that are DIY disasterz an wreck stuffz…BOL..

Speakin of our friend Easy  Grannie went to the shopz today because she iz home alone an needz chocolate..and when she got back guess what!

Yes first she smelled like a giant black schnauzer what waz waiting fur his peep at the shop…sheesh…and then we saw she had a pawcel! an it smelled like cheese an wine…yep all the way from France…


We were furry patient fur Grannie and she waz most impressed at our good behaviourz..


Forrest an I are furry patient..
Forrest an I are furry patient..


Wow we made sure we gently opened the pawcel!

Well we hazn't got thumbz ya now Grannie
Well we hazn’t got thumbz ya now Grannie

Inside waz a lovely cardie with some handy hintz fur weight loss an good luck…pawsome!

And look at how spoiled we waz!

What a cool haul!
What a cool haul!

I do not know why but Grannie waz laffin her head off..summin but Goatz in trees..BOL…we got fab new collarz! all the way from the finest French designerz…we look super smart an Grannie waz ready to get uz new onez coz I slipped my old one when we left boardin an ran into the carparkz…oops!


Not getting out of this smart new clothez!
Not getting out of this smart new clothez!
How smart do I look !
How smart do I look !


The girlz gotz some fab treatz in little kittie head shaped containerz what grannie sayz are perfect for making frozen treatz fur the summer in..what a thrifty Grannie…I tell you the girlz were really beside themselves wiff excitement..they were on those treatz like seagullz on a hot chip..BOL

Nom nom nom slurp crunch nom
Nom nom nom slurp crunch nom

Pickles approvez..


crunch crunch crunch nom crunch
crunch crunch crunch nom crunch

Cleo approved…


Nom nom nom...go away Pickles..nom nom
Nom nom nom…go away Pickles..nom nom

Dinnermint approved..and Pickles came back to approvez again….


Nom..'burp...'scuse me nom nom
Nom..’burp…’scuse me nom nom


And Marbles approved….and Grannie what forgot to buy chocolate very much approved because the sweets look yum and she iz going to get the Dr Oetkers  whipped up fur a snack fur one…sorry Grandad..you snooze you lose..BOL

And the goats in treez calendar is goin to take pride of place in Grannies sewing room so she can remember to do our blogs more and never furget bloggy friends special dayz!

Thankyou so much Easy and your mum an dad…we feel very lucky indeed an love that we have such sweet furiends…

And first thing on the calendar will be to remember to post our thankyouz fur all the cards we were lucky to get fur Christmas..we had no chance cos we got dumped at daycare!!

So I am off..me an Forrest are in CHARGE now Grandad is away..we haz to help Grannie coz there iz a lot to do fur one ole peep here in summer BOL…paw pats an much loves Doc xx





49 thoughts on “We gotz Mail..

    1. Sammy it sure iz! we haz been furry spoiled..and you will maybe be havin Christmas again soon too 😉 you never know what Santa does when he goes all over the place BOL…paw pats Doc xx


      1. Doc tell Bev we must meet up in pawson this year! let me know when she will be near Northcote and I will meet her for a coffee. No hurry as I know she is furry busy and also not well at times. I could even drive to Castlemaine one time when the boy is back at school. ❤


      2. I did Aunty Sharon and she said she will travel that way in a few weeks most likely an when she knowz zactly she will let you know and catch up for a chin wagz an caffeine BOL 🙂 xx

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Baravo! pawsome unwrapping technique! I bet Jock, Felix and Oscar will love that pawlendar, that goats wear not even a goat-kini, they are totally nekked :o) My momma and her friends ate that stuff efurry day while watching aerobics in tv (that morons were quite oxy huh?). They thought it’s healthy because it’s made by a Dogtor… hahaha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. BOL..the sheepz will love the nekky goats Easy…they iz pretty hot BOL..we iz so lovin our pressies and thankz so furry much! I think my grannie iz gunna make that sweetz up tomorrow an eat in while cleanin the pool..Bol..this I gotta see and yes made by a dogtor makes it all good…..BOL…xx


  2. Aww, what great presents! You’re SO lucky! We LOVE the Whiskas treats too! We can’t get enough of them! They are SO yummy! 😀 Oh, and we LOVE your new collars! So lovely! 🙂 Smooches, Roxy & Tigerlino ❤


  3. doodz…rockin awesum parcel oh goodz ewe getted frum easy !!! sa~wheat….N frank lee we think ya did a grate job oh openin de bag oh goodz !!! like it coulda been werst reeely……leest ya can still see de bubble wrap huh !!!♥♥♥ 🙂 🙂 🙂

    { N yea…we iz sew total lee by passin de BURD refrunce hee….r SEA GULLZ !!! ????? }


    1. bol thanks guyz we sure were furry surprised..and yes could a been a lot worse damage BOL…dang grannie grabbed it and stopped our funz..what a funnard…an sorry bout the you know whatz referenze BOL…paw patsDoc xx


  4. Crikey ….. you blokes sure scored, aye?? How good is Easy?? Great looking collars. You look VERY smart indeed!! It was good to see your gentle approach to the parcel opening. Well done!!
    Grannies been at it again, aye?? A BLACK schnauzer this time. Hmmmmmmmmmmph!! What’s with our peeps? The kitties did ok too. How do you bloke’s cope with all them kitties around. They’ve got awful mean lookin’ daggers and they don’t seem to mind usin’ em on us blokes. I have a terrible time with ’em. They HISS and SPIT!! Very uncouth, I say!!


    1. BOL..hi Charlie how you doing mate ? yep Easy os a real nice pup alright and we sure did score well! I know..i have no idea just how many pooches Grannie snuggles when she goes out….what the! we don’t mind the kitties..they snuggle with us and we snuggle with them..sometimes Pickles will sit on the coffe tabez an smacky our butts as we walk past..more for fun ..no claws outta paws here Charlie BOL..see Grannie always had foster kittens an cats so we are used to them..claws an all 😉


  5. Mee-you Doc yur sure a hard werkin doggie! Mee finkss Aunty Bev wood bee losted without you an Forrest to keep fings runnin rite 😉
    The parcell wass totallee pawsum an yo all deeserve the pressiess!!
    Yur collarss are so luvly….
    Lady Mum hass the black velvet an silver collar here fur mee butt mee keepss doin the ‘death roll’ when shee puttss it on mee 😉
    Maybee one day mee will wear it….
    Tell the kitty gurlss they look gorgeeuss speshelly Cleo; shee iss one purrty Panfur gurl 🙂
    Luv Siddhartha an LadyMum xxxxx
    Pee S: Mee been here a month today! Wow time sure zippyed bye didn’t it?? 😉


    1. BOL……I bet you will…maybe when you knowz how galmourpuss you will look BOL,,,i will tell the girlz..an yes Cleo is panfur lovelinezz indeed BOL..yay for one monthz too pawsome! Paw pats and loves Doc xxxx


      1. MOL Doc: LadyMum tired again an mee did thee ‘death roll’ so that coller iss a toy on thee floor….
        LadyMum just shooked her head an laffed 😉
        Mee iss a PANFUR MANKAT>>>>RAAAWWWRRR!!!!
        Luv Siddhartha ❤ ❤


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