Back from our Doggy and Kitty howliday…

Hi evfurry..yes we were gone for a bazillion thousand years..
Before we knew it Santa had been early..the intruders had stuffed their faces an left and we all of us except the sheepies were sent packin!
Grannie an Grandad got a sheep sitter to look after Jock,Felix an Oscar..and we went road trippin…
Cleo made sure she sang the songz of her peepz all the way..all the wayyyyyy.. waz pitiful..and after an excitement poop and peemail break we continued on…Cleo..singin BOL BOL..

We left so early an arrived at Grannies old shelter what also has a boarding facility an the fundz go to the shelter..we haz been here before and barked our demands the moment we gotz there..they knew I had to be watched coz of my Pancreatitis attackz..all ok…they knew Forrest had to haz meds..all ok…an they always look after uz super good..

Grannie and Grandad said ‘later dudes,back soon’

LIARZ! they waz gone forever!
And you know whatz..I seen picshures that haz really made me furry cross!

It’z one thing to send uz to boardin but another thing to foolz around behindz our back…Furiendz…they haz cheated on uz..YEP…
I am not showin any ‘howliday’ snapz here..i am showin evidence of the crimez..

And az soon az Grannie iz over her Howliday head we iz expecting her to up her game with our bloggiez too..

We haz missed you all an wish you all a Happy New Year…
Paw Pats Doc ..

Pee ess..these pups are NOT US!….pffffttt

Look at this girl..lovin my grannie..
Look at this girl..lovin my grannie..
What about this guy..three monthz old an playin up to grannie..
What about this guy..three monthz old an playin up to grannie..
Thiz guy...sheesh...what a ham!
Thiz guy…sheesh…what a ham!
Thiz guy waz being doggy sat an still gotz to go to the beach!
Thiz guy waz being doggy sat an still gotz to go to the beach!

42 thoughts on “Back from our Doggy and Kitty howliday…

  1. You poor neglected critters! I know you’re glad to be back home with your folks after they deserted you for 87 years so now you can remind them of why they’d better not do that again…!!! I hope they brought you some souvenirs?

    Hugs, Sammy


  2. Your peeps should be ashamed for neglecting you like this!! It’s OUTRAGEOUS! We hope they make it up to you by spoiling you like crazy… 😉 MOL 😆 Much love, Roxy & Tigerlino ❤

    PEEEEEE ESSSSS: Here a few treats for ya from the two of us… 🍗🍖🍤🐟🐠🐭🐭 Enjoy! 🙂


    1. Aww thanks guys! yep they have been feelin guilty….and trying to suck up…but hey ..we will work em a bit more BOL BOL…thankz fur the treatz Rixy and Tigerlino delish!!!! ❤ < 3 paw pats Doc xxx


  3. *gasp…covers mouth with paws to avoid saying something not nice*. You were dumped, and then betrayed when they lavished their attentions on others…the shame of it. I assume you will all be demanding appropriate amends?


    1. Aunty Sharon..the nervez hey! kissin even and smoochin..and to have it all in picshures!!! …big poutz here!! we waz glad to be home…so we can milk the sympathiez BOL..paw pats Doc xxx ❤


  4. Thee nerve of yur peeple lookin at other 4 leggedss…what were they finkin??
    At leest they not get ammyneshia an fuget to come back home to all of youss!!
    Happy Mew Yeer frum Siddhartha an LadyMum ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. I know little cuz…all them shtz if happy pups at he beaches…an uz in prison…pffftttt..and we made sure they don’t furget uz..BOL..Happy Mew Year little cuz Much loves Doc an gang xxx <3< 3


  5. Crikey …… it stinks, aye?? My Mum does that too when she goes away and leaves me. She’s downright rude!! Accosts EVERY dog she sees and fawns all over ’em. Glad I’m not with her …… I’d be sooooooooooo embarrassed for her, aye???? Glad you’re all home and SAFE!!!


    1. Me too Charlie!..she did it today at the shopz! came home smellin like a giant schnauzer…they realy need help mate! but yep glad we are safe at really making them pay now BOL…paw pats Doc 😉


  6. The abuse!! What were your humans thinking? Putting you up while they were on holiday. Tsk – tsk. Ya’ll didn’t have a good time in the least, right? XOXO – Bacon


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