Feelin better evfurry day

Hi evfurry..I am feeling much better thankz evfurry… Yesterday I had to go back to the VET..i had xrayz an bloods taken..an another injeckshun! My xrayz sayz I haz no bonez stuck an my bloods say that my thyroid iz a little down ..but nothing to worry aboutz..my pancreatic enzymes were ok..but Dr Liz iz sure it iz a pancreatitis flare upz..so home I camez..I had some chicken an rice fur tea and kept it all in..an this morning the same and dinner tonight..still chicken an rice..but I haz not been sick or anything nasty an I am back to my selfz almost.. Grannie iz furry relieved because Grandad had to go away fur work again yesterdayz an so she waz one woman crusader..BOL…… Thank you evfurry fur your concernz and lovez..I got a super card from Easy thank you my friend for being such a thoughtful pup..meanz so much to uz all…

Thanks Easy..
Thanks Easy..

I am still waitin on the squirrel granny…BOL BOL …. So I am off..grannie needs to be tucked in to bedz..she iz pooped an I am goin to dream of Easy’s squirrel dinner BOL….paw pats and loves Doc xxx Doc_rolling_3 Doc_rolling_5


44 thoughts on “Feelin better evfurry day

  1. Great news sweet Doc that you are feeling better. Keep getting better and better. That was sweet of Easy to send you that cool card. Hugs and nose kisses


  2. I’m so glad you are feeling better my friend. I’ve been thinking of you a lot lately. We gotta get you and everyone else well before the holidays. They are fast approaching! XOXO – Bacon


  3. Doc, I will catch you a squirrel ( I haven’t seen one here, but maybe they wear magic hoods). I’m so glad you feel better and I hope this bad adventure is history soon and you can enjoy the x-mas BBQ.


    1. Easy my friend that would be pawsome ..we have possums but not squirrels..grannie says I can’t eat possums….funnard…I too hope that the badluck fairy ahs lots it’s evil wings and keeps well away!! paw pats Doc xxx


  4. Doc we are so very happy to hear you are doing better! Wonderful pictures of you 🙂 Love your card from Easy!
    Marty, Mom and the Gang


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