Sunday Selfie looking to Summerland

Today friends I am using my very grown up voice to say how very sad we all are here at All Fur One and One Fur All.
Yesterday our dear friend Nylablue took her trip to her Summerland..she has left behind a heart broken mum Miss Sherri-Ellen and a blog family who will miss her terribly.
We are so glad Nylablue was surrounded by love and light as she said goodbye.

We extend our most deeply felt love to Miss Sherri-Ellen and we hope that she can take all the love everyone is sending and hold it close to her during this is a road we have all travelled and we know the pain and hurt that goes with saying goodbye to a friend who has filled our lives with joy and love.

Sweet Nylablue..ride those ponies…meet old friends..relax in sunpuddles that never will always be in our hearts and we will think of you whenever we see a star with a blue halo..

Miss Sherri-Ellen….we can only send our is all we have and we hope it can offer some comfort…
Much love Pickles..Dinnermintz..Marbles..Cleo…Doc..Forrest..Jock..Felix..Oscar and Mum and Dad…

Always in our hearts...
Always in our hearts…

Today we join The Cat on My Head in a Sunday Selfie..with a difference..for Nylablue..

sunday selfies blog hopjpg

Please stop by The Cat on My Head and see the selfies of all the wonderful bloggie friends..thankyou so much..
Much love to all..we love each and every one of you..Pickles xx


49 thoughts on “Sunday Selfie looking to Summerland

    1. Sammy indeed it is and I even put my grown up voice on to talk tonight…mum is very upset here many sad stories at the moment…we must really let each other know how much they mean to us all the time..Sammy we loves you and your mum..just meowin;) ..Loves and paw pats Pickles xxx


  1. I wish there is a pony waiting for her on the bridge…. and her mom is in my thoughts, it’s the worst to come back to a house what feels not longer like “your home” because the one who was there with you is gone…


    1. Me too Easy..she loves Ponies…mum found a song for her about riding horsies awhile ago and Nylablue and here mum loved it….I agree..that is the worst to come feels so very empty to your soul…much love Pickles xx


  2. Ahhh very sweet…we met Nyla Blue and her mom briefly last year when Nyla Blue pawticipated in the Queen of Hearts…she surely had a good time. run free sweet beautiful girl
    Hugs madi and mom


  3. Bless all of you for this lovely tribute….
    I AM a *hot mess* & it is going to take awjile to heal from losing my ‘heart kitty girl’…..
    So much love & support from all around the world; I am overwhelmed & I love all of you so much.
    I am going to go have another weepy now….
    Love Sherri-Ellen x0x0x0x0


    1. Please have a weepy Miss Sherri-Ellen…tear a tribute to those we love…imagine being so loved…Much Love and paw past and head butter Pickles and the whole furmily xx ❤ ❤


  4. Have had many ‘weepies’ Pickles…you are right tho’…Nylablue was so loved & that is lovely in itself.
    I just had an email from Dr Dave the Vet asking how I am holding up….what a nice Man!
    Much love to all of you there, Sherri-Ellen x0x0x0x0x0


    1. You welcome Miss Sherri-Ellen..we are lucky we haz Dr Rayya and Dr Liz..Dr iz loves me to she comes to visit the sheepies too! a good vet iz furry important…much love Pickles xxx


  5. Pickles, you ARE very lucky to have Dr Rayya & Dr Liz! if dr Dave retires I am in BIG trouble, lol….so I am going to chain him to the exam table for the next 15 years…..
    Love Sherri-Ellen ❤ ❤


  6. Oh Pickles what is wrong with Dinnermintz?? I am worried again…fingers crossed she is all right.
    I have done MANY silent screams over Mingflower & Nylablue trust me 😉
    Love Sherri-Ellen x0x0x0


    1. Aunty Sherri-Ellen..mum thinks she has got her little toes claw stuck and pulled it she has been limping and hissed at mum last night whens she went to lookz..but this motning she is not so bad…always some furry here boy ! loves and paw pats Pickles sxxx


  7. Ouch Pickles that WOULD be painful!! Poor Dinnermintz…it is always something isn’t it?? I am glad she is better today.
    Ask Mom to give you both *kisses* from me ok??
    Love Aunty Sherri-Ellen ❤ ❤


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