From us to you

Hi evfurry..a short postie today coz the mum iz tired..
We need to you to please spare a thought fur some furriends that in the next few dayz haz a lot of troubles to deal with..we cannot be there but you know we are thinking of you all the timez..
All our loves we send to you..for now then and later…


41 thoughts on “From us to you

    1. Lily and Edward we also send our love to you and hope that Lily’s back is getting stronger every day..i have been awol from the webbernets so I do apologise for the late reply ..loves Fozziemum xx


      1. That’s what we think too…..the more friends we make, the more sad occasions we’ll hear about. Makes you think about all the ones we don’t know – hopefully they all have friends who love them too and wish “happy landings” to them when they leave……..

        Hugs, Sammy


  1. many, many thanks…. I still sit next to the telephone and wait for a phonecall :o( I hope so much that there is a chance for Nylablue, it’s so darned hard to imagine a world without this wonderful girl….


    1. Easy I hope your dad is doing better…we have been awol so I am a bit behind..suprise surprise..urghhh and yes Nylablue will be very missed..i am sure she will send to her mum a lovely soul who needs some love …loves Fozziemum xx


      1. Oh I hope that ad can leave the plumbing at the dr’s Easy! ..I am sorry I have not been keeping up my friend..and tonight we have a huge thunderstorm…after swimming today now the storm? ..I agree the trip home is awful..just awful ..I have done it too many times…….loves Fozziemum xx


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