Pickles Update

Hi evfurry it’s me Pickles…

I want to thanz evfurry fur your wishes..and to say I am A-OK an doin really well..i am eating well an sleeping well MOL an playing an happy..
I am going fur a check up in 2 weeks..

Today mum haz gone to the Dr’s fur her heady aches an other stuffz an so she is now headin off fur a CT scanz on her brain this afternoonz..so we iz all hoping they findz a brain!

Have a great Mondayz evfurry..and remember to hot our sidebar badge fur Tigger and visit Miss Savvy to see the latest news on Tigger..please share his story
Paw Pats Pickles xx


56 thoughts on “Pickles Update

    1. Miss Caren Cody an Dakota that is fine..i am super good now an minus three teefs ..mum sayz i haz a lisp MOL ..mum will be fine so do not worry..she haz had a heady ache fur 8 dayz now an haz had enuffs…so they check i think to see if she haz a brain at all MOL ..Much loves an paw pats Pickles and poor old Ma MOL xxxx


  1. So glad yous duin’ well Pickles. Weez be purrayin’ fur yous mommy. They sound like migwains, and they be a weal pain. Luv yous foto. Hav a pawsum day and hope yo hear dat yous mommy be duin’ good as yous. 🙂

    Luv ya’



    1. Thankz you Dezi…i am super! mum will be fine..she has had migraines since bein a young girl but this is a bit different so the dr just wants to check and make sure mums ok..she came home so they musta found a brain MOL paw past Pickles xxx

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  2. Hi Pickles! So glad you did alright at the vet with your toofies……we’re hoping everything goes OK for your Mum with HER test too. We hope they can figure out why she has such bad headaches – we know it’s not you guys giving them to her!!!!

    Hugs, Sammy


    1. Thanks you Sammy..i am doing really wellz..mum sayz my toofies musta been sorer than havin em out! mum will be fine..she see the Dr on Thursday..she came back home so they musta found a brainz at least MOL MOL paw pats Pickles xx


      1. MOL …poor mum though..she had hair clipz an stuffs in her furs…she had to take them outz an she saw herself an she looked like albert Einstein MOL MOL..i am sure your mum haz a brainz…she chosed you! to be her pup..so she must haz some smartz MOL paw pats Pickles xxxx


  3. Oh dear – Pickles I’m glad you are feeling better my friend. Now we need to get your mom in working condition. Can you do me a favor pal? The next time your mom is on the sofa, can you crawl on top of her, give her a slobbery kiss and hug from me? I would really appreciate it. Tell her I said to get better soon. We must work on our plans to take over the world! Snorts. XOXO – Bacon


  4. Pickles I am so happy you are recovering very well! Toofie work is no fun. Fingers crossed and sending good thoughts for your Mom with her CAT scan. Everybody is having tests done, fingers crossed for all. We know your Mom has a brain, yep, pretty sure.. 😀 Now just to get rid of the headaches!


  5. EEoww Picklez we iz so-o reeleeved eyr reecoverin n feelin sumwhat bettur….diz putz a 🙂 on our facez!
    As fer Aunti Bev we nose dey will find a brain; we wunder if da CT Scan will show dat she haz KITTEHZ???? How kewl wuud dat be????
    Siriuslee we hopez she iz all rite n dey find out what iz causin da headachez butt we hope iz NUFFIN SIRIUS!!!
    Sendin lub n **nose kissez**
    Nylablue n Mum ❤ ❤ ❤


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