TV Tuesday…the saga contin-ewes

Please share Tigger and go to the side bars to see his story
Please share Tigger and go to the side bars to see his story

Ok folkz here it iz…the TEAC LEMON

Yep the new 55inch Lemonz….third timez a charm or bad thingz comez in threez…
So after checkin at the warehouse an seein it waz workin..Grandad bought home the TV…

Him an granny took it outta the box..plugged it worked..

Grandad took the standz off to wall mountz it…ta da…the line of doomz down the side…

Ok Grandad cracked it….fair enough..he had taken two other lemonz back that day….
So after many callz an emailz an such…today he getz a message sayin bring it back we refundz it…

That’z it…so the wall bracketz is great!

So we decided to do a review on the productz for all the worldz to see…

Presentin the 55 inch TEAC LCD TV
LCD fur folkz what don’t know means Likely Chance Dud
Yes this beast of a TV has a 55 inch screenz you can see the faultz very clearly in large view
After wrasslin with this huge box an doin your back in to get it out this giant Lemon will leave you a little less than impressed..
Made with all the finest componentz it will last as long as a fart in a strong windz…
If you want to spend your night watching dramaz and crimez then this is the TV fur it makez the peeps want to kill..
If you likez sportz then this TV is also great az you can get into some box kickin an manual fur all the family..
If you want to watch cooking showz then this is not a TV fur you..coz something iz a little off

All in all the TEAC LEMON DUD TV iz a great way to exercise..gettin it in an out of the box iz a good work out…watchin the peeps look like monkeyz az they scratch their headz iz also fun..
The sound workz well..but not loud enough to drown out the cussin from the peeps..who haz taken to callin it the most obscene thingz…

We recommend this TV to anyone who haz nothing better to do than drive TV’s around all day ..
So we iz getting a different TV ..we haz decided to buy one that workz..I know it’z an out there ideaz but hey we iz nothing if notz trend settin…
I am off nowz to watch the wall bracketz…it ‘s quite nice an maybe I can hang a hat or summin on it ..

Pee ess Pickles Cleo and Dinnermintz are off to the V.E.T. on Friday for ther vacs and checkups…we are pretty sure Pickles needz some dental workz as she haz started eatin funny an iz not eatin as please send her your wishes…
Paw Pats Doc xxx


41 thoughts on “TV Tuesday…the saga contin-ewes

  1. Lovely review of your THREE lemon-TVs!! Too bad you had to spend so much time staring at a bracket instead of a big screen TV but switching to a different brand seems like a great idea! Good luck……seriously! Also good luck to the three vet victims this week – Pickles, we hope your teefs aren’t in bad shape!

    Hugs, Sammy


    1. MOL MOL Sammy..we haz a new TV and it works πŸ™‚ same brandz we haz before..we got to watch the sealz an penguinz in big screen..waz great! an thankz the vets will be fun…not…mumz takin a video of the car tripz an our singing MOL …I think my teefs are not happy though…we see Paw pats an loves Pickles xxxxx


  2. I agree, it makes you to a killer… probably Serial Mom had the same tv once lol. but at least your peeps have muscles now like that madonna-dudette. My paws are crossed for a working window to the world with a ginormous sound! And I hope for good news from the vet for Pickles Cleo and Dinnermintz… good luck at the vet, dear girls


    1. Thanks barkday boy Easy πŸ™‚ at last..we haz a new TV…not the lemonz but one what works MOL…so now we haz been watching giant sealz on not linez of doom MOL…an thanks fur the wishes fur the vet…urghhh mum sayz she will tape a movie of our trip an singin MOL….pw pats and loves Pickles xxx ❀ ❀


    1. Thanks Miss Pix….been a real treat watchin the peeps lose their cheese BOL BOL….and thanks we hope pipz teefs are ok but pretty sure she needz some workz done..poor Pip 😦 xxx Paw pats an loves Doc xx


  3. OMP! What an ordeal of horror. On what hoof, a large television would be awesome to watch the cooking shows in large and have my pot belly rumble. On another hoof though, the exercise of repeat repeat in going through television after television, that would make this little piggy cuss like a sailor and trust me I know some strong words darn it – snorts. If your human daddy is like my human daddy, no television would put him on the breaking point of spontaneous exploding. The man *lives* for his boob tube. Good vibes for the vet visit this Friday. We will surely be thinking of you my friends. XOXO – Bacon


    1. BOL BOL thanks Bacon…we haz a TV woo hoo..we changed brandz an no cussin here now! just 55 inches of working TV said he was scared to turn it on BOL..but works great! and the old TV unit haz been moved an it waz dust bunny now mum is tired from cleaning …we are pretty sure Pickles needs dental work we will keep evfurry informed πŸ™‚ paw pats Forrest xxx


      1. aaww – yay for the television finally my friend! I know you must be so relieved to have that ordeal behind you for sure. I will be sending some healing vibes Pickles way on Friday. Giving him some hogs and snout kisses for me okay. XOXO – Bacon


      1. The girls are actually really good AT the’s the trip..once one starts the song of their peeps they all chime in hahaaah πŸ™‚ the trip when we moved here was three hours of them singing and the dogs barking..the only time I wished I could drive a truck and swap with hubby and the silent furniture hahahaa πŸ™‚




    1. Dudez..grannie an grandad be beyond peeved MOL..but now they haz a better one an the re-mews on it are all good MOL..thankz fur the wishes fur Pip I am sure she will be fine…paw past and loves Cleo ❀ ❀ ❀


    1. Haahaha I know how exciting πŸ™‚ we have been watching wildlife on the big screen..the girls love the birds hahaha πŸ™‚ and thankyou I will let you know how the vet goes πŸ˜‰ hugs and loves Fozziemum xx ❀ ❀


  5. That TVeeees saga is endless your gpeeps must be aggravated.
    Pickles sweetie sending your good vet vibes to you, Cleo and Dinnermintz
    Hugs madi your bfff


    1. MOL MOL poor mum…she waz beside herself..but all sorted now..different brand an worked first off..itz amazing MOL an thanks you we look forward to getting the alienz probe tomorrowz..not MOL luvs to you all Cleo and gang xxx


  6. Yow Doc we will NOT buya TEAC eber! Mum sayz TEAC used to make grrreat stereo sistemz….appair-entlee dey haz no clue how to makez TV’z….
    Yer reeview waz heelareeuzz tho’ Doc!! Poor Grnady Pawentz wrestlin wif da stoopid TEAC…
    Mum had trubble yeerz ago wif da Toshiba Tv she bott! She had to take it in a taxi back to da store n it waz gone 3 weekz n Mum climmed da wallz n me hid in da closet….once it came back to store Mum had to go in a taxi to chaffurr da **flounderin* thing home! It IZ still werkin which iz a mirackle…..shh we nott want to jinx fingz πŸ˜‰
    Guud luck gettin a new TV…
    Lub Nylablue n Mum too xxxx


  7. MOL/BOL me cuud just see him ‘losin da cheeze’…dat wuud NOT bee purtty at all…
    Mum allmost lost ‘her cheeze’ ’cause da lappytop iz actin up…
    Peepz n dere eelecktronickz! πŸ˜‰
    Lub ❀ Nylablue ❀


  8. Yow iz dat innternul touchie pad fing dat iz givin me Mum greef! Ix funny to see Mum lose da cheeze tho’ Doc ;)We shuud not make fun of da Hu’Manz butt sumtimez dey are so heelareeuss… πŸ˜‰
    Lub Nylablue ❀ ❀ ❀


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