Spies Like Us – The VOTING Begins!

Ok evfurry it’z voting time…have a look at the submissions again an vote fur the pawrentz that are the most weirdest…BOL BOL…thankz to my mate Bacon fur getting the pollzup..pawsome job Bacon


Okay my anipals – please share the two days of submissions on our Spies Like Us that me and Fozzie sponsored.   You saw all of the submissions here for Day 1 and Day 2 from last week – please go back and review if you need to freshen your memory on who submitted what.  Each one has a submission number that will be listed in the poll.  Now is the time to VOTE.  Please be sure to share this posting and get all of your friends to vote for your selection.  We will announce the winner later on in the week!  That’s right – you will not see the results until we have a winner.  🙂  Good luck!

And here you go – let the voting begin!

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14 thoughts on “Spies Like Us – The VOTING Begins!

  1. Awesome pal!! This is going to be so exciting. At the close of day here in the States, I will send you the winner’s name for posting. I’m so excited!! XOXO – Bacon


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