Spies like us…round two

Well evfurry…tonight it is time for Bacon and I to present the next contestantz in our SPIES LIKE US MISSION..Bacon an I have been so thrilled that you anipalz haz gone to such lengthz to expose your pawrentz as the weirdoez they iz…BOL …
We will have voting on Monday 18th August..an the lucky loser..who iz the winner.. will get a furbulous badge that I will be workin on thru the nightz BOL.an a secret surprise from me Forrest..i can’t tell it’z a secretz..BOL..
All I can say iz you haz all got some weird pawrentz and we are so amazed at your spyin effortz..BRAVO!!

Next submission number 7

Goodness me..Wallace and Samuel…your dad lookz perfectly normal to uz..BOL BOL….hubba bubba BOL I knowz he waz in your ma’z dressin gownz fur a charity eventz at work…but did he have to look so comfortablez BOL an I agree with Bacon..them dotz really suit himz eyes BOL..great spyin guyz…excellent workz BOL…

Number 8…

Yep my stoopid mum Fozziemum..she iz a real dare devilz…she waz laughin her headz off at poor dad az they took off in a parasailz..not nice mum..just woofin.

Yep cuddlin a snake..after what a snakez did to me..she iz crackerz…fur sure..
Havin a argy bargy wiff Gordon Ramsay..no fearz…BOL..
An the final proofz..she took her stoopid mask off underwaterz..coz she had waterz in it..had a freak outz..third time lucky..i mean if you worried you gonna drownz why take you oxygen off BOL BOL.sheesh…
Next is number 9..

This comes from Archie Henry an Oscar from Mythreemoggies
Now the boyz said “Most people wear normal exercise clothes or do basic things like running,gym or cycling.Not our mother.Nope our human dresses up for Zumba and likes to get muddy.”
BOL BOL ..oh boyz we feel your humanilitaion BOL…. an who did the washin???pawsome spying guyz!!

And finally our number 10

Hooley dooley…I feel so uncomfortablez now fur some reason BOL…this one is from Leo..an all I can say iz how iz that normal….BOL BOL…even the kittiez here can’t do this BOL…certainly proof again our peeps are weirdoes..bol….
So there you have our 10 entriez my furrinedz…Bacon and I are so proud of all you spies like us..this haz been a hoot…now don’t forgetz..August 18th we votez…an shortly after we will announce the loserz…I mean winner BOL BOL ..again thankz fur all the entriez an have a fab weekend..
And also pop over to our sidebar an click on Tigger’s pic..share and help this boy…paw pats Forrest


26 thoughts on “Spies like us…round two

  1. OMP! Voting will be so very HARD on Monday. And mom says, if she saw you in person with Mr. Snake, you would find her skipped over two states. Shivers to mergatroid! XOXO – Bacon


      1. BOL..well she may be Bacon..but I do worry bout her..she was crawling on her belly takin pics today..BOL BOL..with her huge camerz backpack on ..musta looked real good…BOL paw pats Forrest xx


      2. Yep…a huge camera wiff her sniper lens an she was sorta crawling an tryin to be discreet..bwahahaa she got good picshures though an iz happy with her end resultz..an she smelled like shhep and roo an rabbit poo all over when she came in BOL BOL Paw pats Forrest xxxx


      3. Snorts – all that is done for the ‘perfect’ picture. My mommy says she completely understands that concept my friend. Completely 🙂 XOXO – Bacon


  2. Guud greef Forrest yer Mum iz compleetlee cwarckerz!!! Barkin mad!!! Coo Coo fer da Coco Puffz…Gone wif Da Wind!!! Butt we adoerz Aunti Bev n fink she iz bery bery brave to try so many differint fingz…
    Miss Michelle lookz heelareeuss slidin thru da mud too…
    How we gonna vote?? Iz gonna be hard 😉
    Phanzk fer a grreat contest Forrest n Bacon!
    Lub ❤ Nylablue n ❤ Sherriellen too


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