Spies like us ..let the gamez begin

OMD Bacon and I haz been furry impressed with the entries fur Spies Like us…we knew those peeps were weirdo’s an now we haz proof..oh boy this will be fun my furiends..A furry big thanks fur all the great entriez and a furry big thanks to my friend Bacon for putting hooves to keyboard since my mum haz been battling her eyez…sheesh..fallin apart..

Bacon as my pawtner in crime haz done the submissionz in two parts..the first part I will post now an the second part tomorrow..remember to share with your friends so they can vote too..voting on Monday August 18th…an the anipal with the most votes gets a badge for their blog which I am workin on now and a secret little prize from me…which I will send anywhere’s and…it’s a secret..so I cant tell you BOL BOL…
So let’s pawrade the peepz now….they haz had it comin…fur posting picz of us sending peemails…for showing pics of uz cleaning our toilet bitz and fur showing uz in our less flatterin posez….
First up..we haz from Nylablue..her mum Sherri-Ellen..

Goodness me..what on earth..i think Nylablues mum has been trapped in the 80’s…Boy George..Boy Miss Sherri-Ellen..i hope Nylablue is not stuck out in her cat condo listenin to Karma Chameleon all summer…BOL…well spied Nylablue!!

The second entry is from Easy

Well poor Easy is really tryin to work out what has happened to his mums furs…i mean he looks like he wantz to rip them furz out..but apparently hiz mum just usez the inside of TP rollz coz her furz are so long BOL BOL..i haz heard it all now…I bet Easy’s mum will be really happy to sharez her secret fur stylin tipz …thankz Easy…well spied!!

The third Entry is from Speedy..

Good grief..is there nothing this Bashful won’t do..yep Speedy spied him Bungee jumpin..now that iz seriously..weird! I mean here he iz a guest an acting up like thiz BOL BOL..well spied Speedy…and don’t you try it!!!

The fourth entry comes from Misaki..

Now this iz really nutz..I mean doggie biscuitz!!! come on this iz just not on …poor Misaki…I hope she didn’t haz to sit and watch her mum eatin her treatz…well spied Misaki…you poor girl…..
And the Fifth entry today is from Bunk and Lily

Poor Bunk an Lily…what on earthz haz they pawrentz been into..maybe some DIY gluez or somethinz..BOL BOL…these pichures really say a lot about the pawrentz we haz here in blogville BOL…well spied guyz!!

And the last one..comes from my poor furiend Bacon

Well I haz no idea why Baconz dad iz dressed like a navel orange an callin the spaceshipz down BOL BOL..what on earthz he doin…my friend I sympathise..is it a bird is it a plane no it’s stuperdad BOL…well spied my friend…
So there you go folkz..the first part of the entriez..all pawrentz behaving badly…in the extreme..BOL…so get ready fur part two an then on Monday 18th we can votes…this will be a hoot…now I gotta run coz if mum knowz i sended her picshurez in I will be the pooper house..before I go pop over to Savvy’s and please read about Tigger..we haz a link to the post on our sidebar with hiz picshure..he really needs blogvillez to step up..we know if we sharez he haz a better chance..thank you all furry much Forrest.remember it’s all a secret!! so shhhhhhhhhhhhhh


31 thoughts on “Spies like us ..let the gamez begin

      1. BOL..yes it would be pawful to have a scented printed hair stylez…an yes the permz..my mum looked like Cher BOL or Gene Simmons..all furz no fun BOL 🙂


      2. hahahah oh that perms…that was an invention uhoh! the smell was awful and the time you had to wait with this darned perm rods on your head… mom did it at home once… she was looking like a sheep and nevertheless her cruelty pawrents sent her to school the next day :o(


      3. BOL BOL ..that is cruel..my mum had her furs permed all the time..her furs were down to her back…gave the stylist arm painz BOL ..well one day after work in the city in Melbourne she had her furz permed at a different place..she left in tearz..her furz were short an that tight perm that it broke the afro combz..she went straight ti the movie picshures just to wait until darkz befur she had to catch a train home.she was so embarrassed..i think she saw the most boring movie in the world..called …Rust never sleeps..Neil Young bored her to sleepz in the cinema…and then she hid her head on the train…she got home her mum laughed till she wet herself….ahh peeps BOL 🙂


  1. Snorts and oinks! This was a great and wonderful collection today. We have laughed, oinked, snorted and rolled around the floor. If you think these were good, just wait until tomorrow – OMP (oh my pig!) There’s a certain someone – cough oink – that has an adventurous side that *NO ONE* knew about – wonder who that is Forrest? Have an awesome one – sweet dreams my friends. XOXO – Bacon


    1. BOL BOL what a hootz Bacon..these peeps are really out there BOL……your dad had me woofie me head off…let’s face it they all a strange bunch BOL…an yes I wonder who 😉 paw pats Forrest xxxx

      Liked by 1 person

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