Happy birthday Forrest..

Well evfurry in case you didn’t knowz it is me..Forrest’s birthday today…11 yearz ago my poor mummy had me in a puppy farmz…we haz had a pawty…an I have had some lovely cardz sent to me..here is some cardz..From Easy…

From Dakota an Miss Caren an Cody

From Wally and Sammy

From Miss Mollie an Alfie..more noms!
From Sammy

From my Pal Sammy
From my Pal Sammy

The pawty is in full swingz…so come over an haz some nomz an fun folkz.


56 thoughts on “Happy birthday Forrest..

    1. Thanks Sammy! I had a great day…and thankyou o much fur your card…mumz email iz stoopid cos she got them ALL..she haz to wrassle with the Telco peeps but today waz fur baking my pupcakes BOL …paw pats and haz some cake Sammy! Forrest xxxx


  1. Now THAT’S A PAWTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woooo hooo!! Hoping you have a most PAWTASTIC day pal! Oh wait, I think you already had your day cause I am in the U.S. and we are behind you. Anyway….eat some for me! Love ya pal! Dakota


    1. Thanks Dakota! I did have a great day…snoozing by the fire now BOL…and there’s plenty of pupcakes to go round! thank you so furry much fur my card…I am furry lucky! paw pats Forrest xxx


  2. Happy Birthday Fozzie B Bear ( who is 11 today), I just love that name! The pupcakes certainly were a hit.. they loved them! I think the pupcakes are the cutest things I have ever seen.. 😀 Well besides you two with your birthday hats on!!! The video is a Birthday delight!


    1. BOL BOL thanks Miss Pix…I am 11 or 84 …BOL they were delish those pupcakes they were honey cakes YUM! an please excuse Doc being rude at me fur trying to knock his noms BOL BOL paw pats Fozzie B Bear xxx


  3. Late to the party my friend but never late to the actual game – 🙂 Love you dude – here’s to many, MANY more years of fun and adventure together! XOXO – Bacon


  4. Happy Birthday Forrest, I loved watching you eat your party tea, gee, I loved your pupcakes, they looked so good….give my mum the recipe please.


    1. BOL BOL..yes the sausage waz in need of being eatin Easy! an Doc didn’t see it..you snooze ya lose bol…..Doc got cranky an grumbled cos I wanted his foods..he got in trouble form mum fur bein rude BOL…paw pats Forrest and thanks you fur the cardie an wishes xxx


  5. Numnumwumwumwumwum! Looks like a pawesome paw-ty! So sorry we did not gets a card fur you. Mama was going to, but it was her birthday and then the GrandMa passed away toowoowooowoooooo!
    Much wuvwuvwuv to all of youwooowoooooo!


    1. Oh guys..that is so sad for you all about GrandMa…we send all our love and thoughts your way and hugs for the days to come..always in our thoughts down here..Lve Bev and gang ❤ ❤ ❤


  6. Happy Birthday Forrest! It looks like you had a grand time! Wonderful Pupcakes! Those sausages were giving you a bit of a time though 🙂 Doc needs a few lessons from you on how to be a tidy eater though MOL! Hope you had a fantastic day my friend!


  7. happee day two ewe dood…N R ewe guys eatin hot dawgz & cake !! ???
    awesum….heerz two a yeer a head filled with happee nezz & health ♫♫♪♪♫..enjoy yur day N haz lotz & lotz oh FUN !!!!! loves frum uz all ♥♥♥


    1. Dudez thanks you so much! an your cardie waz loverly!..yez pupcakez an mini hot dawgz an chicken chippies what taste like mumz nailz..oh thatz right mum furgot to let go an I kinda chomped her nail off BOLBOL..mum sayz waz her fault goin fur the close up picshure…loves to you all back Forrest xx ❤ pee ess kiss the food serviz girl fur me ❤


    Happy Birfday sweet poochie~
    Lookz like ya iz tuckin in guud to yer Birfday dinner….
    Doc ya bettur up or Forrest will haz sum xtra 😉
    Lub Nylablue n Mum too ❤ ❤ ❤


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