Trekkin Tuesday

Hi evfurry..this afternoonz Grannie an Grandad took me an Forrest (who is 11 tomorrowz..) up to Mount Alexander..see grannie went ther the other dayz to see the snow (flurries only) an thought like many parks here pups were not allowed..but she on leash we can off we went..20 minutez of barkin the whole world away we arrived….

What dat say Forrest??

Straight away Forrest (who haz a birthday tomorrow) had to leave some recycled brekkie..that’s ok we scoop that poo poo pee I thought great idea!
After Grandad scooped the poops we went off the peemailz we read my furriends! roos..rabbits..wallabies..foxes…all left our nosez waz in full happy mode….

The sceneriez waz lovely…an of course the rockz were big…we do a good rock where we livez BOL…

Big rockz..juzt like the onez grandad haz to digz up fur the fence BOL
Big rockz..juzt like the onez grandad haz to digz up fur the fence BOL
Hey Varmintz come out here!

We spent lotz of time wanderin rounz an leavin pee mailz of course…

We came across a really good spotz to check fur varmintz…

Forrest (who iz 11 tomorrow) went really far..Granne said it waz like the movie Picnic at Hanging rock ..which z not far from uz either!

Hey Birthday boyz....come out!
Hey Birthday boyz….come out!

We had a lovely time up the top’z only 746 metres but still the viewz are wonderfulz…

We had a great the whole mountainz waz ourz..nobuddy anywherez..

An as we left on the mountainz Grannie stopped at the sidez of the road az there waz a big pondz…oh boy!


It waz a bit coolish BOL BOL…but we still had a dip..

Yeesh! I am too old fur this cold ...brrr
Yeesh! I am too old fur this cold …brrr

So we headed waz a wonderfulz day an Forrest an I had a great az a funny ..grannie still had our scooped poops bag on her belt loop and she put the seat beltz on..turned the heaterz on and drove awayz wiff it squashed against herz..BOL BOL..nice one Grannie! psssttt by the case you didn’t’z Forrest birthday tomorrow..he will be 11..that makez him about 82 an almost az old as we will haz a pawty tomorrow night…Grannie iz already making Pupcakez BOL…honey flavour! delish…so pop over fur a pawty with us..and also..what a great day at the TCC they are having a NOMS day Not of my Species..this was started in 2007 by the Cat realm an it is to celebrate all species pop over to the TCC an see what Dinnermintz haz posted fur the NOMS day…



47 thoughts on “Trekkin Tuesday

  1. Oh that was a fabulous adventure…. where is the owner of that cave? Is it the entrance of a haunted gold mine? btw: do you have any clue what really happened to the girls in that movie? mom watched it three times to solve the riddle… butt she had no clue… oh wait, she needs some vegemite, right? I’m there tomorrow to sing a song for the birthday boy!


    1. It was Easy..the owner of the cave didn’t even show up..i waz ready to dead him..think it waz a varmint BOL..the whole Moviez waz not true..juzt a furry good story..we haz that Hanging Rock from the movie not far from uz …in a place called Mount Macedon one day Grannie will go do some oicshures an try an find the mystery’z only 50km or 31 milez away…maybe for Howl-o-weim! if she doesn’t comez back then we send your mum an the Vegemitez BOL …an yes we haz a great pawty tomorrow Easy..the pupcakes smell good like honey an granne haz made pup facez BOL..we haz hid your card so Frrest doesn’t see it BOL paw pats Doc xxx


  2. Oh what FUN that was!! All except for the squished poop bag but these things happen……sadly……Forrest had a nice “pre-birthday” outing and everyone got some exercise and fresh air – not a bad deal!! Loved that cave – I know some kind of interesting varmints were hiding from you in there Forrest!!!

    Hugs, Sammy


    1. It was fun Sammy…and poor grannie ..but oh well…better her than uz! the cave waz a huge rock an I am certain varmintz waz waiting..i didn’t think Forrest would get out BOL BOL …an indeed it waz a lovely pre birthday tripz…paw pats Doc xx


  3. Forrest (who has a birthday tomorrow) and you look like you had one big pee mail kinda wonderful time! Grandad was good to scoop the poops! What a great adventure, If Ida been there I could have walked off the bread and buttah that I could have had with the minestrone if I had been there to eat it! Ima check out the NOM post in a bit!


    1. BOL BOL oh Miss Pix….you cheeky minx you BOL…indeed we peemailed a storm up…grandad was goods to scoop but poor grannie waz not good to squash em BOL BOL..bread an Buttahz Miss Pix…delish…we haz minestrone left…come on down… paw pats Doc xx


      1. Seeeeeeeee! Bread, Buttah, where is the BOOTS in this discussion. Maybe Forrest (who has a birthday) tomorrow) could have some BOOTS. We put boots on our doxie when I was a kid. She hated them!


      2. Bwahahaah poor doxie…I was looking at gumboots the other pink…..drool…I have my black steel capped ones…and a pair of dragonflie gumboots my little sis bought me..very tres chic ..none would fit Fozzie b hahaha 🙂


  4. Now that was a wonderful way to spend a winter day…giant rocks and caves and smells and even a swimming hole, now what can you do tomorrow for the birthday boy?


  5. OMP – that is so beautiful there!!! I ❤ all of your pictures. Heck, do you take a bad picture? I think NOT my friend. I'm sorry, I gotta ask… is it Forrest's birthday tomorrow – snorts? Someone mention pawty? I'll be there my friend… should I bring the fire extinguisher to blow out the candles? 🙂 XOXO – Bacon


    1. Hahaah I do Bacon..i have several bad pictures..i might make a whole post of them one day..and ahhh yep it is the big fellas b day and yes an extinguisher may be good..but I do 11 candles that’s..if I do human years of about 82 then bring the hose! hugs Fozziemum xx


      1. Snorts. Yeah… 11 candles should be fun. No reason to call out the fire department to put a fire out…. mommy says unless they are cute and bare chested – snorts. XOXO – Bacon


  6. What a wonderfully fun day you had in a beautiful place and wading too. Mom had to laugh at the poop incident with the seat belt and heater. Hope that was a really strong bag! XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


    1. BOL…luckily yes guyz…but what a and Forrest ddn;t mind we was in the cabin on the back BOL…but poor mum…she reckonz she can still smellz it….paw pats Doc xxx


      1. Yep it’s the soundcard that’s dodgy…gotta get it to a shop..keep running out of time..grrr…it works then it doesn’t me 😉 hugs and loves Bev xx


  7. doodz…de waterz had ta bee miniz 500 bee low zero….brrrrrr…. N did ewe see bat man in de bat cave purr haps !!! ya noe, de troo bat man iz reely a mouze with a set oh wings….ask de catz…they can tell ya…mize due that when they wanna freek uz catz out….fly…..

    pea ess…de fotoz oh both oh ewe one de mountain iz rockin….frum wear we sit ewe both bee lookin west !!! ♥♥♥♥♥


    1. BOL guyz we seen not batz..or mice wiff wingz BOL…an yes lucky grannie had the vet take our bits off yearz ago or they wooda froze off an gone sinkin to the bottomz of that pond..BOL I don’t know what wayz we waz pointin…must get compazz…bol paw pats Doc xxx ❤ ❤ ❤


  8. Great side seeing, guys and beautiful pictures. I guess it’s someones birthday today. Let me guess…must be Forrests’ . Happy Birthday dear Forrest…see you later at the Pawty. Do I need a scoop? … Pawkisses 🙂


  9. Yow Doc we iz ROFWL!!! Yer Grannie wif attashed poop bag n heetz on….splendifuruss!!! 😉
    We iz so glad ya all gott to go to Mount ‘Lexander n have a guud day. Dat pond lookz lubly (n a bit chilli…)
    Wishin ya all da best fer a guud birfday Forrest…
    Lub Nylablue ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. BOL BOL..waz Hilary- arse Nylablue..waz a lovely trip an the water waz chilly…gotta go ..pickles just jumped up an knocked grannies fave coffee cup down an it’s smashed..was her “only my fox terrier understands me ‘ cup…uh uh…she be in the pooper bag now!!! lub Doc xxx ❤ ❤


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