Sunday Ice-capadez

Hi evfurry..we haz freezing morning today -3C or 26F for you Northern furriends..the bath tubz out the back what grandad put up fur grannie in summer to lie in waz frozen…I went ice fishin..this onez fur Misaki  an Ku enjoy furriendz…BOL paw pats Doc xxx




38 thoughts on “Sunday Ice-capadez

    1. I bet you are guys! we would really complainz if it waz that cold here! but yes we even have lotz of snow on our alpine mountainz too! our little two legged cousinz are off to the snowz on Monday! bet they haz fun too! paw pats Doc xx


  1. You guys really love that ice don’t you!! What fun……Doc I think you did a wonderful job balancing on the edge of the tub……I was SURE you were gonna take an unwanted and very cold BATH!

    Hugs, Sammy


    1. BOL Sammy it got me..i ended up partly in the bath it waz cold like grannie said..coz there waz a bubble under that ice an I wanted it bad! grannie an granda were furry impressed with the balancing too…but yep it got me later BOL paw pats Doc xx


    1. BOL BOL ..I did fallz in later BOL waz very exciting..grannie waz worried I would fallz in..she wonderz why I don’t like a bath in the house but lovez this BOL…I had a bone an dried off in the sunshine..paw pats Doc xx


  2. So all the ice was gone and you still tried to go ice fishing? You silly! Glad Granny was there to ‘fish’ you out! Hope you are all staying warm and hope Granny is feeling better after her tumble.


    1. Yep Marty..i waz determined..i knowz there had to be summin good in there….we are by the fire tonight an granniez got what she callz bruces..but she is fine BOL paw pats Doc xx


  3. Doc I was wondering about that balancing act on the edge of the tub! Brrrrrr, it looks cold there… don’t want to even think about temps that cold. You and Forrest’s winter coats are very smart looking. This video took me back to having to take a hammer to all the ice buckets in the stalls at the barn… ugh. Now they have automatic waterers with heaters. You two are too funny with your ice sheets!


    1. BOL thanks Miss Pix..was -3 this morning..brrrrr I did end up fallin in BOL…serves me right…and the coats are ones grannie made us years ago..used to haz our names on em BOL …I can see you wiff a hammer BOL ….paw pats Doc xx


    1. BOL/MOL it iz real ice..we do getz ice an snow down underz Nylablue…the whole of granniez summer bath tubs waz froze over yes I ended up fallin in while ice fishin…BOL glad you liked the videoz BOL paw pats an lovez Doc xxx ❤ ❤


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