A side order of Ribs….Marbles vet visit

All is good with our girl and we send our thanks to all 🙂


Ok I am an idiot..Marbles was taken to the vet this morning…we arrived after some changing of times as the Weekend vet Dr Nadia Wong was called to a Pony with colic..then our appointment was changed back as sadly the poor pony had died before the vet could make it…
I was waiting with Marbles who never even sang the song of her people once..not once and was happy to watch Wonkin the surgery kitty strut his stuff.
Another doggy with a sore paw..and then my heart broke..a family carrying their poor pup out in a blanket..he had gone to the rainbow bridge.of course I start snivelling and gave a look of ‘I understand’ to the poor pups owner as she stood there in tears with her doggy..the vet counsellor came up to me and said hello to Marbles..i told her I was teary for the poor doggies owners.she said…

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