WW: Why Woman

Ok evfurry…grannie gets on the phone..Day spa she says…was a gift she says…sounds fab she says…

So I get the picshure….I seen this ‘spa’ treatmentz..Dinnermintz loves them…

Oh that'z it mum...spa treatmentz are great

And then I smellz a rat..a big two-legged brunettez rat..’Yes he needs his nails done as well…’

Then..grannie sayz to grandad…well HE is booked in for 9.30..with Dr Liz!!!

YIKES..Dr Liz is a V.E.T…………

Then I see the proofz….Doc is due to get a health check…arghhhhhhh

V.E.T….i’m outta here ….nails..no way!! blood profilez no way!! ..wish me luckz…since evfurrything else seems to be breakin here I don’t wanna know what’z guna be broken on me tomorrow….




44 thoughts on “WW: Why Woman

  1. If misery loves company than I should tell you I have to go to the Doc Tomorrow too. We all have to do it. My doc is a Chiropractor and I always get very nervous when she grabs my head and snaps my neck.


    1. Yikes !! watch out she doesn’t come at your rear like mine does!! If she does..don’t try and sit down…I do an it ain;t pretty BOL BOL..hope she gives you a treat! paw pats Doc


    1. Thanks Sammy you did real well! …itz the nails …..I need to be sedated I get that stressed…grannie iz not too worried bout the bloodz or the vacc’s but I am! Dr Liz will be earnin her money fur sure BOL BOL..next cab off the rank…Picklez..then Dinnermintz…then Forrest ..then Cleo…sheesh…Paw pats Doc xx


    1. Well…Dinnemintz waz shocked fur sure..an she iz not even the one going BOL BOL..thankz fur the good wishes fur a treat..this poor ole doggy needz all the supportz I can getz 🙂 Paw pats Doc xxxx


    1. Thanks Marty…I dislike the nailz..I get really EMO..it’z kinda embarrasin really BOL BOL ..an Dinnermintz sayz MOL she knowz she haz her turnz soon ….paw pats Doc and Dinnermintz xxx


  2. Dear Me Dinnermintz…I feel your pain and anguish…having just been to in for my Senior Kitty check up. I’ll be looking forward to your report. One thing for sure you’ll get an A+ for looks
    Hugs madi your bfff


    1. Oh Madi thanks you..i am not due yet but just the mention…arghhh it’s Doc who iz the lucky contestant MOL MOL …you will hearz the screamz from there MOL ..he hatez hiz nailz done…I am goin UTB an hope mum forgetz my turn! paw pats and loves Dinnermintz xxx


  3. OMP (Oh my pig!). That last picture of you Dinnermintz is priceless! It says everything I need to know. You can do this my friend! I did mine a couple of weeks ago. A little invasion here/there but now it’s done. It’s all behind me… as well the doctor was too – snorts. XOXO – Bacon


    1. MOL..all good Bacon..itz Doc’z turn..but he took off so I waz left to face the camear MOL …it;z the prodding..he doesnlt learn..he always sitz on the rear door probe…that donlt help much MOL ..but his nailz need doin an he HATES that ..we report back tomorrow…MOL paw pats Dinnermintz xx


    1. Miss Pix thank you I am safe fur now..but the mere mention had me jittery,…it’s Doc’s turn MOL MOL ..but mum couldn’t even get a picshure of him cos he cracked it MOL MOL..Dr Liz send furry nice reminders..so far I am after Pickles an Marbles…MOL lucky me…;) paw pats and Loves Dinnermintz xxx


    1. HAHAAHHAAHHA yes but Doc will only be famous if he gets out without being sedated…he despises it…convenient that Dr Rayya is on maternity leave hahahaaah..poor Dr liz is the lucky contestant..and t;s a senir profile blood work up so happy days ahead..apt 9.30am..by 11 I will be needing a strong drink bwahaahah 🙂


      1. have you tried it once to do his nails at home with such a dremel-thingy? some blogvillers use it and it works… I tried it and it was an epic fail, carnivore melt down, fortunately I only tried it with a cheap nail grooming tool before I wasted the money :o) so we go to the vet, when 3 peeps hold the pup the vet can clip his nails… he has exactly 0.5 nanoseconds per nail :O)


      2. Hahaahah yep…the sound…gone…sneaky while sleeping..gone…so he needs the sedation..two male vets me and a vet tech..still gets so stressed he wets himself..sadly we have no concrete here for him to wear them down on and now his arthritis plays up we can’t run him like he used too..and yes 0.5 nanoseconds sounds about right! urghhh this will be a challenge..


  4. Aww we wish you luck, but you won’t need it!! Psst another one that can read our coded messages though… Don’t worry! Just demand lots and lots of treats after!!
    Hugs, Carrie and Pups x


    1. Doc will be fine guys 🙂 he s at the vets and we wat to hear when t pick him up..Dinnermintz is not next on the list so no need for her fear face ahahahha 🙂 loves Fozziemum xx ❤


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