Hi evfurry ..well what happens when me and goodfuriend Bacon and I send each other email???

I will tell you…mayhemz BOL BOL..we were discussing the crazy thingz our peeps do..you know..

the thingz that make uz furries BOL….or MOL or as Bacon would say…….SNORTS!

See furriends..we see it all..the good the bad and the weird!! an the thing iz the peeps forget..WE ARE BLOGGERS… BOL..so we haz hatched a plan fur a fun bloghop..here’s the mission..if you choose to accept it….BOL…

Bacon an I would love you to get on board the bloghop.. the title of our mission….SPIES LIKE US..send either Bacon or myselfz your Videos..photo’s or even just stories of the PROOF your peeps are Crazy!

See we knowz they evfurry move! our staffs are nuts…as I said to Bacon in our last emailz ..

”Dude they are nuttier than squirrel turds…you know the wheelz spinning but the hamsters have run away”

So think hard furriends..there is something lurkin in your house an it’s a nutty staff member..tell uz or show uz something that will have us dazzled BOL…

Send your submissions to either myself..or Bacon by August the 1st..

We will post them and take a poll and see who wins or loses since the peeps must be pretty bad to getting the most votes BOL BOL ..

What do you getz..well you get a badge to proudly displayz on your bloggie to tell evfurry your peeps are the pits..and I might even haz a little summin to send the winner..maybe even new staffs BOL…

My emailz is dinz1234@bigpond.com

So grab ya spy glasses…fake moustaches…hats..wigs ..whatevfurr you need….

Remember …itz a secret…shhhhhhhhhhhhh

fozz spies


35 thoughts on “SPIES LIKE US

  1. What a great idea! Sadly my parents are BORING with a capital “B” and never do anything weird, wacky or crazy…..isnt’ that sad? But we will enjoy seeing everyone else’s “wacky humans” photos that’s for sure!

    Hugs, Sam


  2. All I have is a Suds Bunny stuffie to love for now and he isn’t saying a dang thing about any wackiness that goes on in our house! I am having a deja vu moment as I type this… strange! BUT I will totally enjoy seeing all things wacky that other animals/pets come up with.. FUN!


      1. Well Suds Bunny is real! I have a picture of him wearing the scarf that Madi’s Mom crocheted for the auction that I won. I have a blog in draft that I have never hit publish.. I should give it the publish finger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. oh my dogs this is such a fun event….now if I can just catch my mom in the act of weirdness ….you know she is the one with thumbs in the due of madi and mom …so maybe we can catch DAD. MOL MOL MOL
    Hugs madi your bfff


  4. Forrest iz dat ya?? Iz grrreat disuguise! Me will haz to send ya a piccie of me Mum as Boy George…iz a few yeerz old so we hope it stil countz…
    me Mum iz definitelee nuttier den a box of frogz fer shure, MOL/BOL…
    Lub Nylablue…
    “What Mum?? No me nott sayin anyfing ’bout ya…oh nose Mum….”


    1. Nylablue..yez..I am deeps under coverz..me an Bacon are on the case BOL…an you seen nuffin an heard nuffin an we say nuffin bout ya mums Boy George pic BOL…Paw pats Forrest xx ❤ < 3


  5. 😉 ya iz lookin purrty deep dere Forrest. Yer Mum not nose it iz ya in a kabillion yeerz!! Glad ya gotz da piccie me sent ya…we keepz it on da down low fer shure….
    Insert whiestlin here causall like……MOL/BOL///
    Lub Nylablue xxxx


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