Happy Bastille Day

Our puter is really bad tonight..it won’t play a videoz we made fur Sammy and it keeps muckin upz when mumz typin…so we have a quick message fur our furriend Easy before the puter getz thrown at mumz wallz..BOL BOL…

Happy Bastille Day to the guy who iz the best Ambassador France has!..and pess ess Sammy..when the video iz fixed we thinkz you will lovez it BOL ..

Paw pats Forrest xxx


29 thoughts on “Happy Bastille Day

    1. Heehe Sammy it is the great mail arrival 🙂 good grief…I must try and fix this as I can’t hear Easy’s video either…grrrrrr….and when I type for a new post it just vanishes….grrrrrremlins;) hugs and loves Fozziemum xx


  1. woohoo many thanks! Think it’s not really your puter, I feel like back to the weird old times today with modems and scary sounds (grrrr-dong-dong-dong-wush), I can’t see pictures, nor videos and I have one “gateway timeout” after another. Either one of this firework rockets hit my puter last night or my blindworm-mom stepped on it :o(


    1. Oh no! well we had a huge meteor shower a few days ago and all things have gone odd…my food processor broke while preparing my french inspired dinner…we got new mobile phones and are having troubles transferring info…I can’t see videos..comes up error occurred….no sound on videos either…some pics I can’t see on blogs.. I think maybe all rockets have hit us! all over slice earth!


      1. Noooooo it was delish! and when the stupid computer finishes having it’s computer-pause I have some food pics 🙂 mmmmmmm Non delicieux mortel 🙂


    1. Urgghghgh Madi…seems maybe it’s a WP thing..who knows..but ready to use the computer like a Caber and toss it!! bwahahaah hugs and loves Fozziemum …and we think Easy always looks good 😉 xxx


  2. Sorry your computer is misbehaving cause I want to see the video and also cause I don’t want you all stressie and I hate that a little kitty.. er birdie told me you was like a spud…..dying. Nice post for Easy!


    1. The video will surely get sorted..i hope I don’t turn into too much of a spud (Pip) bwaahhha 🙂 just wrung out from the weeked and trying to catch up with a dingbat computer issue….mannn hahaah and we love ole Easy…bless his French cotton socks xxx


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