We thought we would reblog this from our old postz…since some of our furrinedz haz summer now..


Hi every one ,i have been a bit remiss at getting my second post on emergency prep up here ..due to the current situation in NSW with horrendous fires ravaging the bush I am now reminded of the importance of this post.

You see it is Spring..yes spring and I am remiss because apart from a few lovely days it has been colder than winter..today pouring rain..but the news reminds me that will change on a dime..you see the rain is great..but the grasses and undergrowth grow and then dry then burn..

We do a clean up every spring, but we have not had the weather to do so..wind has to be right,temp humidity etc..we don’t burn like idiots just necessary..by bumbling around in the bush we give the wildlife a chance to move away ..if something looks as if it has become a home it is left.


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10 thoughts on “TIMELY REMINDER

  1. This article contains the most concise and practical information on how to prepare for a summer in the Aussie bush that I have read to date. Thanks Bev, I have made a copy for myself.


    1. Very welcome Lyn..it’s not comprehensive but a good start…and I think it’s good to use for any crisis really..prepared people can keep their pets safe as well as themselves 🙂 loves Bev xx


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