It’z ARRIVEDZZZZZZ 4th of July an a Brazzzz band



We send our best to all our furriends in the USA on this their countriez birthday..we hope they haz a great time and haz earplugz fur the anipalz when the fire workz start makin boomiez…


We invites you all to the TCC to enjoy the fun of the Independ-antz day celebrashunz…evfurry is welcome ..

And at the TCC we are all furry happy that Raz’s dad iz doing so well…we send the familiez our furry best fur a full recoveriez…pop over an wish them all the best




And now fur the BRAZZZ BAND…it haz arrived….an Doc haz gone nutz….








38 thoughts on “It’z ARRIVEDZZZZZZ 4th of July an a Brazzzz band

  1. What a GRAND poster with the gorgeous Dinnermintz AND the video of Doc in Mollie’s bra is adorable! He’s getting his groove on with those undies – I’d keep a close eye on him if I was you!!! HAHAHAHAHA

    Hugs and 4th of July Kisses
    UNCLE SAM (hahahaha)


    1. MOL MOL I will be keein a furry close eye in him Sammy!! and I iz blushin thank youz it iz not hard to be gorgeous when you a ginger 🙂 hugs and big 4th cuddles and loves Dinnermintz xxx an have a great nightz Uncle Sam ❤ ❤


    1. BOL BOL..i z never takin it off…smellz like girlz…..BOL BOL….feelz better even than it tasted……..Bwahahahaahah xxxxxxxxxx iz a secret..itz..Mollie’s secret…isn’t that a undiez place???? bwhahaahahah xxxxxxxx


    1. BOL BOL Miss Sue I iz not at all worried BOL …I think it smelllz I am so glad Grannie won it in the Auction BOL …must go..brazz to roll in paw pats Doc xx<3


  2. Dinnermintz looks very festive! Mollie’s BRA sure gets around.. I think Doc kinds likes it. It was very quiet around The Tiny Ten yesterday. We had a very nice day and then at dark the neighbors down the road had an artillery of fireworks. It was ok, I suspect we will have more tonight. Happy for Raz’s Dad.. been there done that!


    1. Hahahah indeed she looks a peach 🙂 and yes that Bra of Mollies was his bets fun for a long time hahaaha..glad you had a quiet one until the Artillery arrived….I do love them but always worry about the poor animals..i am also glad Raz’s dad is fine..must be pretty damn scary…hugs to you and have a great Saturday my sweets xx


  3. Doc, you are one very silly woofie. Thanks for giving us all a really good laugh. Have a terrific weekend. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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