Wiff four catz you getz eggroll…or a permitz

Hi evfurry..it’z me Doc..

Well today waz the day…we had the lady fromz the councilz out to check our livin environmentz…

See we iz allowed to haz 3 catz on our property an haz to haz a permitz for 4..so always they send a inspectorz..

Grannie waz most excited coz they wantz to always check the environmentz to see itz clean BOL BOL BOL ..if yu don’t knowz grannie you don’t know how Hilary-arse that iz..she iz a one womanz machine wiff cleanin…no dirt or mess here!!


Ok so she haz also her make-upz in the picshure but we doin a postie later on good non animalz tested cleaners..anywhoz..so she iz clean!

Brooke arrived at 11am an I waz in the laundry coz I barks too much ..Forrest met her with a sniffz and a kiss….straight away she seez Dinnermintz….all pluxury an sweet…

An she sayz..’yep we have no problemz here” BOL …damn tootin we don’t!…..

Picklez waz in her cavez under the coffee tablez…yep all good……..

Cleo comes out bringin sexy back BOL BOL…yep no worries…

Grannie goes lookin fur Marbles..nup she’s gone UTB..

Brooke waz again furry happy that we haz a clean (she said she waz amazed the house was so lovely an clean wiff all these kitty and pups inside ) and safe environmentz…that the girlz litter trayz was sparkly….amazin no one left a poo when she arrived…..BOL and that we haz a great home fur the girlz an a big tick fur the permitz…

Brooke waz off to a hoarder.. who refusez to de sex her 20 pluz something kitties..her and grannie chatted bout how hard it is and the linez between love an wantin to help an becoming sick and being more harmfulz…

So I thinkz Marblez hid coz she haz been crabby lately an maybe thought if grannie didn’t get the permitz then she would be booted out!!..but grannie sayz…

Humanz get crabby now an then an we all age an get crabby sometimez..doesn’t mean we don’t deservez a home..

Marblez came out an went back to her spotz on the bed and Brooke left..so there you haz it…

Wiff our land we can haz 3 kitties but 4 wiff a permit we can haz 2 poochies and four sheepies..an apart from the sheepies we all have to be registered and we pay less if we iz desexed..which we iz and also we must be micro chippered which we iz..

So we are done fur another year…time fur a nap now all this windy cold weather has got me pooped!

Paw pats Doc xx


43 thoughts on “Wiff four catz you getz eggroll…or a permitz

  1. That is serious business.. needing a permit- my next door neighbor has 9 dogs,(she breeds them) and though she is supposed to register them with the town…. no one ever comes to check. Glad you passed! 😀


    1. Sheesh..yep if we wanted to register to breed we would need a permit too..does not mean everyone abides by the laws! I am more than happy to be checked each..nthing here but clean happy healthy well loved well adjusted animals ..oh hang on strike that last comment hahahaahh 🙂


    1. Yes Bacon…all councilz haz requirementz..an it dependz on size of land etc as to how many catz dogz sheep etc you can haz..even chickenz! hoarderz don’t tend to register though but at least we haz the checkz…funny we can haz 3 sheeps or two horses?? weird… I must get grannie to take a pic of the regulationz….it iz furry interestin….paw patz an hugs Doc xxxx


      1. Please do and share – that would be a snort to see. Do you know we have a rooster that lives a couple of houses down from us? I hear him every day. Dude, he is LOUD! XOXO – Bacon


      2. Yes you are right Doc!! That thing makes a racket and drives me crazy when I’m in the back yard. I keep barking at it to shut up! Snorts. XOXO – Bacon


    1. Brian it is..but it helps keep the hoarding problem down a bit and the kitties and pups in healthy environments 🙂 this way all can live safe happy and in harmony 🙂 their are great price reductions for pensioners and desexed animals with council providing help so all can afford to have their pets safe and happy 🙂


  2. Why you have this rules? Is it a kind of law? I hope Brooke will be successful and the hoarder will surrender. I cross my paws for the 20 kitties and I’m so glad you have such a wonderful home.


    1. We do too Easy…but she said this woman was adamant animals must be allowed to have litters….URGHHGHH…yes we have laws on how many of each kind of animal you can have..depends also on the size of the land,where you live (country or city) what you have them for..breeding work animals stock etc..also laws on fencing requirements to keep dogs in etc..all helps to keep animals and people safe and happy..big fines for loose dogs found wandering ..for not having a registered pet etc…all good ideas!


  3. OMCs we did not realize there were restrictions on 4 leggers Down Under. thank goodness granny is a clean freak and you all passed without any furs flying.


    1. BOL BOL yep Madi….all t makez sure we keepz a lid on animalz getting out of hand wiff hoardin and other thingz….an yes the furz would fly BOL BOL paw pats Doc xxx


  4. guys….we haz laws heer two bout how manee kittehz N pupz ewe can haza ina home tho frank lee we wunder if ANY ONE chex ANY THING…..

    sew due they tell de rooz de same thing…

    hay…ewe rooz…onlee 700 a loud on a prop er tee……sum bodee hop down de street !!!

    heerz two a yellowtail horse mackerull kinda week oh end !!


    1. It is a great idea Timmy…and it’s good dad getz help too..and it makes sure your pets are safe an in a happy enviromentz..they mainly check the litter trayz are clean an the house is not full of petz an mess also makes sure the catz don’t bother the neighbours…paw pats Doc xx


    1. It is a great idea..sadly the hoarders and bad pet owners don’t register and slip through…but the council does do door to door pet registration checks..the fees are cheaper for desexed animals to encourage responsible ownership..really it is not that badly priced either..for the 2 dogs and 4 cats registration and the permit price it is 200 dollars for the year..


  5. So interesting! In the cities some animals are restricted and the number of animals restricted also, although I don’t think there is much enforcement of rules in Missouri. I know that the police/sheriff can be called in if abuse or neglect is suspected but again it is tough to get anything done. In the country anything goes and you can pretty much do whatever you want. We have seen some really awful situations and heard about them too. I wish with all my heart they would have some laws for people who have animals in the country. I am not surprised you past with a most excellent rating.. 🙂


    1. I know it should be a natural thing to have protection for all animals…we also have different laws in each state and council area..rural and regional too…even on 11 aces we have one too many cats and hence the permit…and yes it is never an issue to get t as they live in a pretty good place here 🙂 hugs Bev xxx


    1. Me too and it is different in every state too…and depends on where you live and size of land 🙂 we are on 11 acres an still need a permit for the extra kitty 🙂 loves Fozziemum ❤ ❤


    1. Yep every cat and dog must be registered and you need permits for certain amounts of animals in your specific area..we have one extra kitty as per our 11 acres and so need a permit..we could have a third dog without a permit..not everyone of course adheres to this 🙂 and they must be microchipped !


  6. Me and my humans are glad you passed with flying colors!
    Wish we hade the same system in Sweden !
    Here in Sweden you can have up to 10 cat´s and up to 10 dog´s without any permission and the law say´s that only Woffies need to get a id-chip or tattoo.
    Now are we just talking about private persons and not breeders or shelters or daycare centers for dog´s and cat´s they have other rules.



    1. Boy Charlie..that must make for such a hard way to control hoarders and irresponsible owners……when our pets get desexed they get their microchips and a tattoo in their ears..one tattoo signifies desexed male a different on desexed female and also some vets tattoo in the other ear to indicate microchipping…we stil have problems with hoarders etc as they won’t tell a council they have the animals…thankyou for such interesting info! it is always interesting to hear how our worlds are the same of very different 😉 Hugs and loves Fozziemum xx


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