We waz in the S@*t……

Hi evfurry…we haz been off the puterwebbernetz fur a few reasonz..see fur a start Grannie haz had icky eye-ballz again..we finkz maybe itz from the furz n the house..well bad luckz grannie we iz stayin put!

We haz been by the fire the whole timez..itz a winter blast here an a balmy 46F or 8 C an much colder at nightz..but better than stinky Summer…now speakin of STINKY…..we waz in the S@%t we had a smellz..me an Forrest didn’t mind but Grannie an Grandad waz not impuressed..they running round sayin PEE YEWW..so a phone callz to the plumber man an he said yep your Septic iz on the nose…sure waz!

So today up the drivewayz comez the Poo manz..we waz not allowed to go playz an we sure wanted some of that stinky acshun!

Poo truckz
Poo truckz

Well he had rung Grannie an she had missed hiz call….she said they waz S@%T’s in the night…..so he arrived..ready to go…see that big hose..PEEE YEEWWWW…

When Grannie an Grandad bought our house it was 10 yearz old..we been her nearly three years..the man said it haz never been emptied…PEEEE YEWWWWW…so afterz about 3/4 of a hourz an some chugging an poking an sprayin…

Poo man
Poo man

He haz taken awayz the Poo emptied the whole systemz..all 7000 litrez….an just az well coz he said it waz amazin it hadn’t stuffed the whole systemz…so now we haz to wait till the while system fillz befur we can turn the systemz on…see it reticulatez in the garden after it haz been thru the treatmetz tank…if we turnz it on befur the tankz is full it will blowz out! so in about a monthz Grandad iz gunna have to open the poo portal an see if itz full…then away we goes…

Grannie said the man waz lovely an one of the few peeps that now know her S@%T does stinkz…he hadz a poodle with him an she waz sleepin in hiz truck..what a lucky girl getz them sniffz all day!!

So we iz busy an still tryin to finish the fence an it’z cold an foggy an our Arfur-eye-tis iz sore but we are now not in the POO anymore…

All thankz to………..


Smithy’s takeaways…you make em we take em BOL BOL ..Grannie sayz he can haz his 420 bux coz it’z a S@*T of a job!

Paw pats Doc


39 thoughts on “We waz in the S@*t……

  1. That happened here too. The staff bought my crib and they had no clue that they even HAVE a septic tank. They thought we are connected with a central poo-system, but they haven’t noticed that my crib was built in 1905! The result was the same as in your house: SHITZ HAPPENS… the poo-takeawayerer needed hours to remove the prehistoric recycled food and we had an awful mess … but at least shitz is something what you can wash away :o) I hope the eye of your grannie is better soon and the mutterwebz will work now without problems.


    1. Pewww Whee Easy Shitz does happen…what a pong! I hope your crib now haz a poo freez zone..fur at least awhile..we haz 3 yearz befur it needz re de-pooin…graniez eyez still funky but the mutterwebz is all good:) paw patz Doc xx


    1. BOL BOL it sure does…lucky fur the brave man who takes it all aways and Grannies eyes still itchy and yetch…or she just givin us the stink eye BOL paw pats Doc xxx


  2. Ah yes….not a fun job for the Poo Man but a “necessary evil” nonetheless!! We’ve had that done once since we have lived here…..and I’m sure we’ll have to do it again…..but luckily our “poo field/septic system” was built large enough for a BIG family and we’re a SMALL family so the poo takes a long time to get to monumental proportions! HAHAHA Happy POO-LESS Friday to you though!

    Hugs, Sammy


    1. BOL BOL ours was too Sammy..but now grannies cheesed off that we haz got 3 years invested an the other 10 years waz someone elsez BOL BOL pee yew pooless weekend 🙂 paw pats Doc xxx


  3. OhMyGoodness…….. dying laughing here. Love the sign on the back of the truck.. Another Load of Political Crap. Smithy’s takeaways!!! Out in our bit of country we have a lagoon.. a pool of poop, bath, and laundry water!


    1. BOL BOL soundz like a smellfest fur pups Miss Pix….in QLD there iz a bloke who call’s hiz business Mr Whiffy an he playz muzac like the ice cream man BOL BOL ..some s*%#ty job BOL …paw pats Doc xx


  4. Doc yer DA DOGG!!! What a grrrreat bloggie ’bout a topick close to me heart: POO!! Eben tho me iz a kitteh me nose alot bout poo cause of me Bowel Disease n Mum’z IBS…we can CWAP fer Canada here 😉
    7,000 liturrz iz alot of poo n holey da tank neber bin emptied?? Lucky ya nott blowz a gaskit…can ya eemagin??? Wait let’z NOTT!!!! MOL/BOL.
    We haz a pump fing here to bring da poo outta da buildin pipe into da holdin tank beeside da buildin on our side n it had to bee emptied last week n let me tell ya it waz a smell to beehold….
    Mum wunderz why da food goin in haz to come out smellin like DAT? She gott a point dere dontcha fink?? Why it nott smell like wildflowerz or popcorn….mmmmm…or eben kibblez….
    Anywhose we iz happy ya iz poop free in ya bettur start fillin up da tank again, MOL/BOL….
    Lub yer furendz Nylablue ,3 n Sherriellen Mum ❤


    1. BOL BOL oh Nylablue…the smell waz good fur uz not the kittehs and humanz…dogs like stanky!! an yes they never emptied it..so Grannie say hang on we haz used only 3 yearz an most of the stanky is from sumone else fur all those yearz…peeee yew..see she iz a Virgo so dis did her tiny mind in BOL BOL..Goes in sweet comez out sour ….yukk….Lubs Doc xxxx ❤ ❤


  5. Yow Doc me Aunti Stacey iz a Virgo too n she getz all freeked out over stinkie n poopy matturz….mum beein a Capprycorn iz impurrveeuss to all fingz stinkie; stankie or otherwise!
    Iz true tho food goez in sweet n comez out poopy!!! 😉
    We iz glad da tank iz emptee n we hopez da sistem startz up propurr fer all of ya!
    Much lub Nylablue (whose SH*TE don’t smell DAT BAD, mol/bol)
    **it doez butt Mum sayz it smellz like rosez…what a cwazy Hu’Man!**


  6. Well Bev we have thought you were “the S#@T” since we met you, but now we know you are for sure hahahahaha!


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