Monday nightz at home

Hi evfurry…we haz Winter now…an like evfurry night Winter or notz we are all inside..we iz not allowed out after sunsetz….this iz coz of  wildlife an plus grannies SAYS!!

In Winterz we all haz a snoozfest at nightz in front of the fire…grannie washed our beddie coverz todayz coz she said they smelled like a polecatz???? whatev that iz…anywho we haz clean beddiez an blankies an we are settled down fur the nightz…soon the girlz will goes to sleepz wiff snackz in AL-CAT-RAZ..except Picklez cos Marblez been smacky pawz her lately an pickin on she will sleepz wiff uz…so haz a great night an we send our loves to Easy as

he iz feelin a bit sad from hiz run nz wiff a doggie…see you all on Tuseday…whatz nearly here….gotta go…got snoring to do…Paw pats Doc



40 thoughts on “Monday nightz at home

  1. Oh that’s dangerous to wake up a panfur kitty who sleeps between two beds… glad the camery girl ended not as midnight snack :o) Thanks for the love…. think it helps to leave my bunker for a while :o) (and there are enough dog hairs on the clothes lol)


    1. Oh Easy we are glad you have left the fall out shelter..i am sure the furs in the clothes will enhance dad’s salmon pants! Panfurs are very good sleepers an we al; sleeps together so much we used to it BOL eskimoez keepin warm…feel better soon sweet Easy..grannie had drippy eyes fur you my friend 🙂 loves Doc xxxx


      1. I bet it does my will be bruising that hurts..and makes sure you get mum to keep an eye on how it feels tempreture wise..if the area gets warmer then off to the V.E.T we send all our POTP for you sweet boy 😦 xx ❤ ❤


  2. I shouldn’t have looked at that! I feel sleepy now and not at all like rushing through peak traffic. LOL! :-D. I want to lie down on Forrest’s mat with him and no one will know I am there. HeeHee.


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