The big blogville’s auction

Hi evfurry it’s me Doc…

I thought I would popz in and tell a little story bout why Grannie iz so furry keen fur the auction at Mollie and Alfie’s to be a great success.

Many yearz ago befur me an Forrest becamez granniez boyz ..grannie an grandad ha a fabulous dog called EICH….

Eich waz a Mabel Lou..he waz furry handsome a big boy wiff a soft heart..he never barked (like me) an he waz gentle an furry loving…

When Eich waz 8 yearz old he got furry sick..furry quickly..he waz off his food an grannie thought it waz the heat..but when he didn’t eatz that night she knewz summin waz wrong…in the morningz grannie an grandad took Eich to the vet (he waz also our old vet when we comez to live with them) an he waz furry lethargic…the vet took bloodz an they took Eich home.

The next day Eich could barely movez..he waz a big boy an grannie struggled to get him in the car..the newz waz furry bad…his bloods said hiz liver waz going..Eich waz dyin..grannie waz shattered..she bought him homez to say goodbyez to the family..the firszt an only time Eich ever growled waz when she got him out of the car…he waz in pain…

So after evfurry said goodbye…Eich waz taken back to the vetz an they said goodbye to him…

Now this is the reason why grannie iz so wanting to help Mable Lou’s mum….

Grannie an Grandad had nothingz..they rented their house an could not bury Eich their..they could not afford any fancy cremationz…they had to leave Eich at the vetz…they have never ever ever forgiven az grannie typez this fur me she iz a blubberin mess,,,

We are so blessed that now we haz our own place an a bit better off than way back thenz..all our fur family now who haz passed iz wiff uz in special little cremationz boxes..

So we understandz how hard it iz an we know how much it hurtz an we wantz to help..

Pop over to Molliez even just to haz a laugh and cheer on the far it’s been a hootz with so many wonderful itemz an new ones evfurry day!

Thankz you all you do make a difference..

Sweet Mabel
Sweet Mabel

19 thoughts on “The big blogville’s auction

  1. I really had no idea about bloat until a good friend lost her dog to it some years ago… sounds like a horrible thing so we were very sad to hear about Mabel…..the auction is hopefully going to help with the cost of her care which was considerable but I also know we do WHATEVER we need to do to help our babies when they need us……sadly it doesn’t always work. All of us wanted to get in on the auction for that reason – we CARE!!

    Hugs, Pam


    1. That’s right blogville is really a great place 🙂 bloat is horridmy sisters Great Dane had it and survived..big dogs tend to it more for some reason..the auction is kicking along which is great and every bit always helps 🙂 and now I have ears I can see…I am heading over to bid on some lovely earrings…hmmmmm cat ones…hmmmm wonder who donated them 😉 and yes we always do the best we can and as all pet lovers do..we beat ourselves up 🙂 human’s hey ! Hugs Bev xx


    1. Yes it is sad…an so many peepz go through this too.. Brian you iz alwayz helpin! an we hopez you get the kitty playmatz..we cheerin fur you!…might even haz our scentz on it! now thatz fun! paw patz and hugz Doc XXX


    1. Guyz we do too….we iz really feelin fur Holly and all blogville donatin or chatting an sharing an just being there is pawsome!! plus it iz furry much fun ! loves and paw pats Doc xxxx ❤ ❤


  2. That’s so sad and my tears are running while I read about Eich. I felt the same as I read Mabel Lou’s story and I felt immediately with her mom Holly. We were on the rocks too as we lost our dogs in 2009, fortunately my parents had a heart and a covered card. Otherwise we have had the same bad situation. I hope we all together can help Holly .


    1. Indeed it does really break your heart..and I surely felt for Holly….we can all have times when things are hard and when it comes to our sweet family it hurts the most..we had no help and no one to turn too..we have never forgiven ourselves as we fell we abandoned Eich…but all pawrents do…always feel we will have lot’s of fun and helpl Holly and I will go some ways to feeling better in myself 🙂 xxxxx


  3. Yow we haz leeky eyez here reedin ’bout Eich again…we did nott nose yer Grannie n Grandad cuud nott bring Eich home…Mum sayz all her 4 leggedz xcept fer Mingflower went to a Pet Cemetary in a place called Guelph…we wunderz if yer Vet’z had a speshell place to put da 4 leggedz to rest….
    Mum cuud nott bee parted frum Mingflower n she begged fer credit n Dr Dave said she cuud pay wheneber…he told her she can do dat wif me too , cause she sayz she cuud neber let me go either…
    Sowwy me die-gressed…me n Mum did go over to Mollie’z n put a bid in ; den Savannah n Marty bidded fur us on an item which iz so pawsum…
    We feelz so sad fer Mabel Lou leevin her Mum n her Mum onlee habin a BIG Vet bill…dat wuud bee so pawfull to deel wif 😦
    Lub ❤ Nylablue n ❤ Mum too


    1. Yep it was a pretty awful time sweet one..we had no money ..we could pay the vet bill but not for cremation..i believe Eich went to a special place and he will always be here with me…but times can be so tough for people..t really hit home with Mabel for me..big hugs and loves Aunti Bev xx ❤ ❤


  4. ~~~head rubz~~~ Aunti Bev…Eich’z spirit went to da beeuteefull summerland n he iz runnin n nappin n playin n waitin fer ya n Mistur Phil butt he iz nott lonelee n he iz watchin over ya dere….
    Ya haz a heart of gold Aunti fer helpin Mabel Lou’z Mum ❤
    Yer brilleeant!!!!
    All da lub n adorashun frum ❤ Nylablue ❤ n Mum too 🙂


    1. I am sure he is happy sweets human love to carry guilt and it really is a curse ;;and we are so happy to help with the auction 🙂 Luvs to you too sweet Nylablue 🙂 xx<3<3


  5. Dere iz nuffin wrong wif feelin sad or guiltee…just fink of da Hu’Manz who haz no consciousness n do not carez…bettur to feel sadness or feel badlee. It showz just how much ya both lubbed Eich!!!
    Mum tellz me storeez of many past kittehz n her 2 poochiez she cuud nott afford to bring home after dey went to Summerland…she haz such guud memoreez of many 4 leggedz n a few pix. Me finkz she leerned to keep sum green papurzz aside fer me…she told me me will come home to her n Mingflower so we can bee together! It iz eben in her Will dat we all bee buried together…
    Ya are pawsum peepz ya nose!?!?
    Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤


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