We gotz an award..an we keepin it mum

Hi evfurry..we are so lucky that mum hasn’t been pffafin around with OUR bloggie like she did with herz…she lost all sortz of stuffz an so we getz to have awardz an widgetz and gadgetz an stuffz an she can have the plain Janez…MOL MOL

Anywhoz..we iz behindz on awardz..yes what a bunch of slackerz..so we gunna try out furry best an get them all herez..if we haz forgotted who gave them to uz then that’s mum’z fault…she iz a complete waste of thumbz!

So first coz it’z fresh in her tiny memory z this awardee from our poochie friend Easy


Thanks furry much sweet Easy 🙂


1 Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog…Check

2Answer Ten questions posted by the blogger who nominated you..will do

3Nominatez 10 other bloggerz

4Create ten questionz for the nominated bloggerz to answer

5Notify the nomineez via commentz

Okay …we iz all having a turn at the questionz.


Answer..Forrest : Well I sorta ated part of a brown snake what tried to murdulate me an ended up at the vetz


Answer..Doc : we never do we always stay at a doggie boardin when grannie an grandad abandonz uz


Answer…Fozziemum:I could watch Midsumer Murder for ever and ever…I channel my inner Brit!

4)Have you ever met a celebrity once in pawson

Answer:Cleo.: our vet Dr Rayya iz kinda  a big celebrity and we meet her in pawson all the time..bit too pawsonal sometimez..

Fozziemum: I have met Gordon Ramsay,Rick Stein,Curtis Stone (notice the food theme) the late Richard Pratt (a very wealthy business man and Philanthropist)

5)Have you ever found a treasure or thingy what was precious

Answer…Forrest:I found a abandonded Xmas ham on the kitchen bench…was a real treasure!

6) If you could change one thing in the world what would it be

Answer: Pickles: Cruelty of all kindz and in all formz for all creaturez great an smallz

7)Would you rather live in the boondocks or the city

Answer…Dinnermintz: Boondockz..where we iz now MOL

8)What are you doing when you can’t sleep at night

Answer..Pickles:tryin to escape from Al-cat-raz by jumpin up and onto the door handle MOL

9)What’s your favourite song? the first one that pops into your head

Answer,,,Fozziemum: Lifestyles of the rich and the famous by Good Charlotte..kinda have a crush n Joel Madden bwahahah

10)Have you ever seen a Phenomenon like a total lunar eclipse or Fata Morgana

Answer..Marbles: I have seen a strange fairy lightz what float around the loungeroom..I followz them and go nutz…

Now we haz to choose 10 Bloggers to getz this award:

This iz hard coz peepz either haz them or they don’t do awardies so we give it a shotz..if you don’t do awardiez thatz fine just know we iz thinkin of you:)


Dezi an Lexi



Mollie and Alfie



Roxy and Tigerlino



Now we haz ten Questions:

1) What iz your best feature what people complimentz you on the mozt

2) How do you relax when you feel stressed

3)If you could haz an humanz voice who do you think you would sound like (famous person etc)

4)What is your fave season

5) What frightenz you the most

6)  Do you haz a best friend in the whole worldz

7) The funniest thing you ever saw what nearly made you wet your pantz

8) What makes you angry

9) Does your peeps love you more than chocolate

10) How do you show your love fur your peeps..

Boy that was a big postie an now I need a break to rest my paws….haz a great day an we chat soonz

Paw pats Cleo xxxxxx


30 thoughts on “We gotz an award..an we keepin it mum

      1. BOL …when the Queen met the actor what playz Chief Inspector Barnaby at a award ceremony in England she said…’I would not live in Midsummer” so you mum and dad an the Queen agree…Grannie sayz she would..she haz a thing fur the gardenz an the little leadlight windows what she calls biscuit windows…she does comez from Brit stock though BOL BOL


  1. Guess what? My mom is a fan of DCI Barnaby too. And the best is that we can see now two sequels every sunday and monday ( my dad howled with pain like Wile E. Coyote as he read it). I agree Dr. Rayya is a really a celebrity and your mom met a lot of VIP’s, wow! Yes Forrest, that was a good find… hope the whole ham was the finder’s fee? hahaha I remember the door-terror post!!! I love all your answers!


    1. Bwahahhaaha poor dad but great for you and mum! I have it on dvd in case it isn’t on tv..I get desperate for the death..such good value many murders in one show..plus the scenery is beautiful..and yes Dr Rayya is great she has such a huge following and she sent us an email recently as she had her first baby a little girl called Olivia 🙂 now she has to get used to taking baby pictures instead of animals hahaahaha 🙂 and I have met a few celebs…all lovely people too..Forrest..hmmm well he got in strife fr that and Pickles well she is just a hoot 🙂


  2. Congrats on the award, sweetie! So well deserved! And thank you so much for nominating us! Thank you for thinking of us in such a special way! That’s so sweet of you! 😀

    Oh, and did you know that in German the word Liebster means darling (used for men)? Isn’t that funny?! Have a great day! 🙂 xx Roxy & TIgerlino ❤


  3. Yow Cleo an award fer me?? Oh phank ya so much!! Me will gett Mum to save it n we will do a spesehll bloggie ’bout it….
    Doez are grrreat questshunz too!
    Forrest ya met Gordon Ramsay?? Did he swear alot?? Mum sayz he haz a biggur potty mouth den herz 😉
    Me fave song at da momint iz Happy by Feral…..oh waiat Pharrell Williamz..he iz so cute when he dancez n dat song makez me furget when me getz injeckshunz!!!
    Phankz again!
    Lub Nylablue ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. Hahhahh yes Happy makes us Happy too 🙂 and no Gordon Ramsay was extremely charming and quite lovely….but then I swear like a sailor on leave too!!! bwaahaa 🙂 Luvs Aunti Bev and Cleo says you are welcome and take your times 🙂 xxxx ❤ ❤


  4. MOL Aunti Bev n Cleo ya shuud hear me Mum..she makez da air tern blue n she sayz diz how trukerz talk when dey angree!!! FLOUNDER she nose sum interestin werdz
    Gordon Ramsay waz charmin…huh…go figure…Mum told me he getz all air-rated fer da showz on TV butt he nott dat meen! She iz smart…
    Much lub Nylablue ❤


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