Rollz up Rollz up

That’z right evfurry Mollie an Alfiez knock downz drag outz fully inter-activez Auction iz underwayz…


Yez the perfect shopportunityz to grabz a great itemz an raise fundz fur Mable Lou’s mum Holly to helpz out…

Sweet Mabel
Sweet Mabel

So grab your peepz wallet an run like the windz to the interputerwebbernetz …there iz even stuffz fur the peepz so you can softenz the blow by grabbing them summin while you robz them blind BOL BOL ..

Make sure the peepz are close to help out
Make sure the peepz are close to help out

Rememberz Mollie sayz no make sure your insuranze iz paid up coz the furz might fliez as the biddin getz underway…

Haz fun an remeberz  juzt poppin by to haz a great laff with evfurry iz what makez Blogville the best place to be!

Don’t forget also to add to the fun today is Sammy’s Tuesday Teaser an he has badges fur right guesser’s..not quite right guessers an complete numbskullz like uz BOL BOL..

Haz fun and remember we are furrmily!

Paw pats Doc and the gang here grannie..what iz hiding due to a nasty furz cut…..she not happy BOL BOL ..xxxx


Carefulz..the boyz don't haz the shoppin skillz
Carefulz..the boyz don’t haz the shoppin skillz




16 thoughts on “Rollz up Rollz up

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA…….you really know how to advertise an event! The Auction is already hopping along nicely and heaven knows the Teaser is off the boards this morning…’s a FUN day in blogville – sending hugs to all of you from all of us……….! 🙂

    Love, Sam


      1. Hahahaahah seems the offers for you to buy and model are thick and fast bwahahaa must be your hot weim bod Easy 😉 yeah dad’s have zero fun meters 🙂


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