Mum took us to blog pause….yes pause …we got ripped!

Hi evfurry…when I heard mum say Blog pause I got so excited……well what a rip! she said pause….I am sure she meant paws….so instead of livin it up wiff celebrity anipals…we waz under a mushroomz….in the puter……nada…let alone a big celebrity packed event….

So we said enuff iz we catchin up on visitz an it may takez some time…purrlease furrgive uz ..if we haz opposablez fums we would haz been back sooner….

We will returnz to our proper postiez once mum getz her actz together…we hopez if you iz at blogpaws….the real one not the lame rip off vershun mum gaved uz ..that you iz havin a blast….

Paw patz an much apologiez Forrest xx

" Helloooooo anybuddy out there"
” Helloooooo anybuddy out there”

46 thoughts on “Mum took us to blog pause….yes pause …we got ripped!

  1. Sometimes it’s good to take a blog pause, so I understand completely. It just made us miss you guys more. As they say : ‘absence make the heart grows fonder’. 😆 Just glad to hear you are all doing fine. Give mom lots of hugs and licks from me and Simba. 😀 ♥ Hugs ♥ xxx


      1. hahahah! Who worries about that. It’s pure love. 😀

        We missed you all too. 😀

        ♥ Big Hugs and kisses ♥


  2. MOL dat Roo photo iz hee-lareeuss!!! Bet ya iz feelin royallee ‘ripped off’…notty Aunti Bev!!!
    Me finkz she mite bee a bit overwhelmed wif sumfingz Forrest…me Mum haz bin a frootloopbaskitcase da past 2 weekz so me had to cut her sum slack…she iz slowlee gettin her act together…we must bee payshunt…..oh **FLOUNDER** let’z go play!!!
    Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤


    1. Nylablue she waz a bit under the pumpz..she iz workin it out an iz tryin to get back on track BOL ..poor mumz …they do go a little gaga sometimez BOL the roo waz tryin to pick a fightz but the other guy waz a lover not a fighter BOL lubs Forrest ….play timez woo hoo ❤ ❤


  3. Yow Forrest me wundered if yer Mum waz under da floorboardz ’cause she n Mum nott bin ‘meeowin’ back n forth. Poor sweet Mum/Aunti
    ~~~head rubz~~~ her………
    Yer Mum went thru alot wif da CWA n me Mum went thru so much wif Dr. QuackQuack…dey needz a bacashun me finkz….
    Yow dem Rooz are heelareeuss!
    Play time?? Go fer it Forrest!
    Lub Nylablue ❤ ❤


    1. Yep mum bitted off too much and couln;t she iz behindz an tryin to catch up..your mum haz had Dr Doom to dealz wiff and she haz been furry good at sortin him out!! let’s play…mumz gunna have her brekkie..we had ourz BOL lubs Forrest xx ❤ ❤


  4. Yow Forrest our Mumz are da same;;;me Mum alwayz doez dat n den she getz uber upset n den angree wif herself…me meowz to her n sayz “Do nott let it bother ya Mum; Life iz fer enjoyin…” Sumtimez like diz weekend she ‘hearz’ me n we spend hourz together…
    MOL/BOL Docktur Doom iz rite…he shure proved he waz a big Quack didn’t he?? Mum had leegal advice so she cuud purrtect herself. Dere iz no makin a fool of Mum 😉
    Yow let’z play TAG>>>yer “IT” Forrest>>>>catch me if ya can!!!!!
    Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤


  5. 😉 Diz kittehgurl haz alot of answerz…me knew Dr Quackerz waz nott so nice when me met him; he wuud nott make eye contact wif me….
    da 2nd time he ignored me….so me had a feelin he waz nott so bunderfull…he valuez Hu’Man life above all esle n doez nott care ’bout 4 leggedz. He told Mum me waz a waste of her time n energee…den me new me shuud scratch his eyez out 😉
    Mum iz betur off out of dere fer shure!!!
    Lub Nylablue ❤ ❤


  6. 😉 Ya shure iz rite about dat Auti Bev!!! Funny he haz a dot-her wif da Down’z Syndrum so ya wuud fink he wuud hab ‘fella feelin’ fer a 4 legged butt nose….
    Me iz glad Mumm iz outta dere n spendin more time wif me 😉
    Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤


  7. HHMMMM me wunderz if he iz bitter Aunti Bev..
    We iz callin him da ”ChiroQuacktur” 😉
    Still no email of phone call frum him so he doez nott reelly care about Mum purrsonallee….she waz just another ‘customer’… 😦
    xo Nylablue xo


    1. Bwahahaha if the title fits Nylablue! and yes another brick in the wall…I makes you feel very sad when you think they had no real be so impersonal in such a personal industry..which is sadly all it is for some an Industry…is very disheartening 😦 Luvs Aunti Bev xxx


  8. Yow da ChiroQuacktur called Fursday nite…we menshun it in Caturday bloggie. He tried eberyfing to get Mum to agree to come back to da purractice butt Mum wuud not agree. She did lull him into finkin dere iz a chance butt once she getz her green papurrz fer next month safe she gonna tell him to “blowz it out his ear” MOL…she takez no purrisonerz 😉
    He still maintained Hu’manz are more impawtent den 4 leggedz…dat reelly p*ssed Mum off….she sayz he iz a Jack’z A**!!
    What ya fink Aunti???
    Lub Nylablue n Mum too ❤ ❤ ❤


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