Special panfur girl needz our helpz

Hey evfurry we haz a mission…there is a furry special girl called Scuttles…she iz in a worldz of hurt an needz our help..



Our friend Brian haz been helping so many anipals an now this little one haz come to hiz attention and he would love uz to all get togetherz and share share share…it’z not like we haz to share our treatz or givez up our bedz..or even share the bed with the pawrents…if you haz a Face ache or a twerter account share Scuttles story….share on your bloggiez coz we knowz you haz a bazillion followerz like uz an you never knowz who might be ablez to help!

Scuttlez haz a huge ginormouse  amount of strength to survive what she haz and her billz are huge an ginormouse too..but guess what..already the green paperz..wonga..spondoolie….cashola…iz coming in fast as peepz are so furry furry kind….see we iz awesome!!

So please give Scuttles a share..she will needz a new home when she haz recovered too so letz all get together and spread the word an the love….panfurz are fighters!! so if she doesn’t givez up then we shouldn’t either…I iz a panfur…I should knowz..

Cleo here..happy like all panfurs should be
Cleo here..happy like all panfurs should be

We are hoping you read her story an think of a way to helpz…Brian’s done so furry much for all and now letz help too..many paws make light works..  After you listenz to the music go to the linky below to read about Scuttles and see how you can help this beautiful panfur girl! Paw pats CLEO XXX








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