When laser beamz is needed

Hi evfurry…..sometimes laser beamz iz needed in order to see the enemiez..or your sisfurz…mum had the rugz up so the teleport tunnel waz slidin all over the shopz MOL MOL ….this the lead upz to full moon which will be even more fun MOL…




53 thoughts on “When laser beamz is needed

    1. MOL Easy I don’t thinkz it iz…mum always hums the theme to Jaws when we enter the tunnel of fightclub MOL an we broked the sound barrier in speed fur sure..special with the rug gone from the floor..super slippy MOL ! paw pats Pickles xx


    1. Bacon …Pickles iz tryin to tantalise me again..she’s back at the tunnelz…I am resistin..she sayz resist-antz iz footile MOL MOL ..too late at nightz fur shenaniganz MOL paw pats Dinnermintz xxx


      1. Snorts – those tunnels are endless hours of entertainment my friend. Don’t resist – go for it. It’s never too late. Mouse Girl loves to sing to her people around midnight. She did last night. It was hilarious. Sounded like she was saying ‘hello’. Have fun my little purr friends. XOXO – Bacon


      2. I agree Bacon…mum got this one an itz fur human kids..5 bux!! what a bargainz..even Forrest haz had fun in it..i must resist..mumz putting us to beddie soon..so Al-cat-raz fur me…she haz to load the fire fur overnightz so we be warm an then snax and bed…I think the pupz are sleepin in mumz room tonight..they always do when dad goes away..she misses hiz snoring and Forrest does a good snore MOL MOL Mouse Girl singing th song of our peoples….go girl,we hear you here ..nitey nites Bacon paw patz Dinnermintz xxxx


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