Moon Madness

Hi evefurry one..last night we had a Red moon…a blood moonz…oh boy..the tensionz mountin..

You see Pickles iz a lunatic..a word that meanz..she goes crackerz when we haz a full moon..i am talkin stark ravin certifiablez…

Picklez haz the face of sweetness ..true…we all lovez her furry much..and she iz lucky to be alive an with uz…

But when itz a full moonz she iz a nightmarez..she climbz the curtainz..she zoomiez round the house up the furniture all over..she jumpz ON not in her teleport tunnel..she really iz a pill…

Last night with this blood moon..she waz furry furry furry quiet!! WTD she waz almost like she waz ina comaz….

Grannie had to check she wasn’t sick…nup she waz just furry calm…

So now we iz furry confused….juz when we thought we had catz worked out…paw pats Doc


48 thoughts on “Moon Madness

  1. The blood moon is a very special moon. Maybe she was communing with the Goddess last nite. Look out next full moon though!


      1. Picklez haz started..stop the presses..shez gone berserk in the teleport tunnel…grannie sayz let the gamez begin an told Pickles ..she’s nuttier than squirrel crazier than a Dog or Cat grannie!!


      2. I knowz!..grannie said enuffz enuff..time for bed soon…BOL BOL …she will say Slash an us pups will get up and go with her out or a the girlz go nutz at this time coz they know they get supper and snuggled in to AL-CAT-RAZ for the night..boy…catz iz hard work Marty…no offence BOL


    1. It iz happening three more timez this year Easy so you still got a chance 🙂 oh boy 14 timez..that iz looney for sure…bet dad waz thrilled!!! BOL BOL 🙂 paw pats Doc xxx


  2. That’s the thing about cats….we WANT you to think you have us figured out and just when you THINK you do, we do something else – unpredictable? Oh yeah!!!! Great shots of that moon!

    Hugs, Sammy


    1. Sammy..she iz a mystery to us BOL BOL ..grannie was having fun creepin round trying to sneak up on the moon…she needz a tripod so it won’t blurs 🙂 paw pats Doc xxx


  3. What a cool shot of the moon! But it looks kind of scary… 😯 Maybe that’s why Picklez was so quiet… she was scared of the moon and didn’t want to draw attention to herself… LOL 😉 xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino ❤


  4. What a gorgeous moon……excellent photo too.
    Maybe Pickles wanted someone to sing with her…
    OMCs Tim Tams are addictive. My peeps had never ever had one now they are savoring each one. I’ll be sure to tell them to dip one in coffee tomorrow.
    Thanks Hugs madi your bfffffff


  5. Wow dat moon WAZ gorgeuss!! We had cloudz n snow so no ‘zoomiez’ here….*sigh*
    We saw where Picklez furinally went batsh*t cwazy….she waz just tryin to catch ya all off-guard n it soundz like it werked Doc!
    Phank DOGGOD n KATGOD fer Al-Kat-traz 😉
    MOL/BOL 🙂
    Lub Nylablue n Mum too xoxo


    1. BOL BOL ..yes she finally losted her cheese!! Grannie is watching Holly an Boo they grazing out front and Boo is lying in the morning sun…we iz snoozing so no Barfest BOL BOL Lubs Doc xxx


  6. Neber a dull momint at yer house iz dere??? MOL/BOL!!!!
    Haz Picklez calmed down now?
    Oh Holly n Boo dere fer brekkie?? Dat iz pawsum….
    Me n Mum watchin “Corrie Street” n anwerin reepliez…too cold to do anyfing else plus nite time iz comin…. 😉
    Lub Nylablue x0x0x0


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