Silly swimmin sunday


41 thoughts on “Silly swimmin sunday

    1. I’m not sure Easy..most likely a breed that came from domestic…..I love them and the black swans..the little girl there was so excited that she was so popular..of course it was the bread not her that was popular…once she ran out they took off hahahaah 🙂


      1. Oh big time …..I did correct it bwahahahaaha I did that with something else once and it was a real bad one…luckily I saw it first…hubby kept saying what’s so funny….bwahahaahha…especially since we have two small ones bwahahahahahaah


      1. Hahahaahaha you may well be now bwahahaha it’s too late at night here! but Phil’s gone to bed and i’m watching Hells kitchen bwahahaha love me some high drama in the kitchen 🙂


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