Mine shaft Monday

It’z Monday again evfurry-one…and we haz had a furry busy weekend..

It’z Autumnz now an time to get thingz sorted before Winter..we iz having cooler dayz which iz furry nice after melting all Summer…

All cloudz no rain....
All cloudz no rain….

Az you know we iz helpin Dad with the fence to stopz the snakez an keep uz safe…this is furry hard work..poor dad really needz a dynamitez to get even a small holez in the ground…but he iz doing a furry good job!

Come on dad..get crackin
Come on dad..get crackin

Dinnermintz on the other paw spent the weekendz doin a mani pedi on herselfz…talk about lazy catz!!

After this I needz a sleep MOL
After this I needz a sleep MOL
Maybe I sharpen me teeths too MOL
Maybe I sharpen me teeths too MOL

On Sunday we went in mumz car fur a trip to the Forest (not Forrest) Creek mine in a little town nearbyz..we had a wonderfulz walk around an even though the mine shaftz waz furry tempting…mum said NO! what a spoilz sport….and it’z funny coz it’z right behindz a prison…mum said the neighbours probably thought a prisoner had escaped and they let the dogz out after em…coz we was barkin our headz off BOL BOL …we came around one part of the walkin track an thought it waz a bunny in the bush…it waz a Wallaby..we never seen one of the before…we see the roos but this waz furry different…mum said Dang! coz she didn’t haz her camera…she lovez Wallabiez..he hopped off and we finished the businezz of leaving Pee-mailz for evfurry one….Doc was so keen to leave Pee mailz he almost rolled himself over coz he lifted his leg so high BOL BOL ..

So now we tired…and yez you know how they say you getz a extra week from ya undiez if you turnz them inside out….think that’s what mumz done with our bedz…..BOL BOL…

The flipside
The flipside

Just trickin…our bedz has different color tartan on each side BOL BOL ..Forrest the pooch


41 thoughts on “Mine shaft Monday

  1. sounds like lovely day and I LOVE that bed!! Sorry to have missed the Wallaby-I used to have a pair of shoes that were called wallabys….wonder what the relationship is?? have a wonderful Monday- it’s still Sunday here…. 😀


    1. Thanks you so much 🙂 we lovez our bedz..maybe your shoes waz dark brown furry and fast BOL BOL have a great Sunday ..we on a sleepy Monday indeed paw pats Forrest 🙂 ❤ x


    1. It sure is Whitley! we see roos at home on our property all the time but this little wallaby waz furry different!! he waz not afraid of us and stopped for awhile…then gone like the windz BOL 🙂 paw pats Forrest xx


  2. What a nice adventure you had! Those beds probably felt nice and cozy after all that exercise walking around the mine. I haven’t ever seen a wallaby – you have the most FUNNEST animals there (except for those yucky snakies of course!!!).

    Hugs, Sammy


    1. Hahaah we sure do Sammy…Wallabies are very sweet..smaller than our grey roos marsupials and darker than roos too..they also have a finer more pointed little face ..black face wallabies are very sweet 🙂 Hugs Forrest xxx


    1. I knowz guys!! release the houndz!! people lockin up their daughters BOL BOL….mum went back by herself yesterday an got a bit lost an waz worried she might stumblez into the prison an get shotted BOL BOL ..an nuthn but smellz and rockz down them holez!! paw pats Forrest xx


  3. Clever Forrest!! Ya almost gott us here wif da undiez/bed joke!!!
    Soundz like ya had a pawsum day xplorin n gettin sum Sunshine n not wurryin ’bout snakez!!!
    We iz alwayz sirprised when we reealize ya iz ahead of us in seeson….we iz barely into Spring n da stoopid weather dude said da stoopid werd: SNOW!!!
    **FLOUNDER** Mistur Matt bettur bee wrong!!!
    Much lub to ya n Doc wif da hi flyin leg frum me Nylablue n Mum too xoxo


    1. Thankz Nylablue…we still haz to keep our eyez out fur snakez..still warm enough fur them to sun on a rock…and BOL wiff the undiez/bed… we still hope to send some sun to you and boo to the weather dude he needz to get better newz!!!! Lubs Forrest xxxxx ❤


  4. Yow oh dere are still snakeyz out…of coarse…it iz nott yet Winter dere…
    bee carefull when ya go out wif yer Mum n Dad okayz??? We had enuff scarez diz Summer frum ya poochiez!
    Me finkz da poor weather dude iz gona get runned outta town 😉
    Pawz crossed it doez not get cold enuff fer snow!!! BLEH!!!!!!
    Lub ya oodlez Forrest.
    ❤ Nylablue ❤


  5. MOL me can se yer Mum all googglee eyed watchin out fer snakeyz!!
    As fer da weather dude Mum NOSE da man n she sayz he nose his stuff….iz guud fing he nott here in me place or me wuud peemail him fer shure 😉
    Oh n tell Dinnermintz she lookz so cute doin her mani/pedi/teefie sharpenin!
    Lub Nylablue ❤ ❤


  6. What a great day ! We never saw a Wallaby, we wonder if we would have a chance to meet one here… Mum says there are no wallabys in Switzerland except in zoos, but who knows ? It looks like your Dad needs some help while you’re having your mani-pedi-toothi-thing ! Purrs


    1. You never know guys..stranger thingz haz happened…dad needz help alright…43 metres more to go..best I mani-pedi realllll good MOL …we hopes Zorro comes home soon..panfurs always wander..all our panfurz did..Cleo still does…..Purrs and paws crossed Dinnermintz xxx


  7. Dinnermintz iz purrty izn’t she??
    Bee carefull of dem teefiez n clawz okayz Forrest!!
    Gurss what Mistur Matt da weather dude called it rite! It bin snowin ALL DAY today n cold as cold can bee…
    me movin in wif ya!!! 😉
    Lub Nylablue ❤


    1. Oh boy…more snowz…..*shakez me head…..come down here Nylablue….we got sunshine 🙂 Lubs Forrest…pee ess Dinnermintz and me snuggle always..she haz a crush on me so I never getz the clawz 😉 Lubs Forrest xxx ❤


  8. Yow Forrest dat snow stayed fer 2 dayz butt haz melted now…still chilli outside…onlee 40 F so me had to hab Condo rapped wif blankiez to go out today!!! (Furiday)…so fer me it WAZ a guud Furiday 🙂
    Ahhh Dinnermintz haz crush on ya?? Dat is so sweet!!!
    ~~head rubz~~ n *paw patz* frum me Nylablue ❤


  9. Yow Forrest iz eben colder today n me cuud not stay outside in da Condo…me shuud hab bin born an Australian Sacred Birman 😉
    Me gonna give ya more head butterz okay??
    ~~~~head rubz~~~~ Nylablue xxx


    1. So glad you are all on the mend there and so proud of you Michelle:) the fence is getting there..still about 43 metres to go…sheesh…time is flying away at the moment 🙂 Bev xx


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