Where’s the water Wednesday

It’s been raining evfurryone…I hope our dam getz some water we haz lost so much over summer…

This the left side...
This the left side…
This the right side

41 thoughts on “Where’s the water Wednesday

    1. Hi guys…we awake at the same time woo hooz..it’z been rainin since yesterday an we haz storm warningz tonight…we hope that we get lotz…it haz been steady so mu sayz thatz good coz the groundz so dry it needz a steady rainz…if it really pourz down we will haz mumdz goin evfurrywhere…


    1. I hope we get lots too Easy..the snakes will stay away when the cold comes…they don’t hibernate but just stay out of the cold….if you lifted a rock or something you might find one and they don’t move as quick when they are cold..we have never senn one come late Autumn /Winter 😉


    1. It sure is Brian…the roos spent all summer going from property to property getting their water…they furry clever…and we still had enough to swim in Phew…but we needs it to fill now…paw pats Forrest xxx


  1. Fingers crossed for rain for you. All the ponds around here were 4 to 5 feet down and we got 5 inches or rain last Thursday. All are filled to the top. We needed to be full up going into summer. Hope yours fill to the top!


  2. 50 mm iz a guud start…water tablez are back up where dey shuud bee here…our ground iz satur-atted n so we haz MUDGROUND….
    It iz amazin how quick da snow iz meltin now….we thott it wuud take furever!!!
    Hope ya get more rain butt no sighclone 😉
    Lub Nylablue ❤ ❤


  3. Yow it snowed fer 24 hourz n we got 4 inchez of snow…it haz melted away butt it iz still chilli 😦
    Wavebaby iz back on on da table on patio smilin n wavin!!!
    Maybee Spring iz on da way??
    Lub ya Aunti frum Nylablue ❤ ❤


  4. Altho no snow it iz so-o chilli Aunti Bev me cannot stay out more den 5 minuttz in Condo……brrrrrr… 😦
    We iz happy ya haz Autumm now!! Hurrah fer cooler tempz!
    Happy Eastur to all of ya dere frum us here ❤ ❤ ❤


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