Apollo my wuv’s Birthday

Oh Apollo my wuv…yesterday was your birthday an I am furry cross at mum fur not doing my message…I iz now not talkin to her……….

So my wuv..my wion man my Ra god kitty..i am sendin you my wuv now………..

Evfurryone please go over an say Happy Birthday to my fee-ant-see Apollo for his 8th birthday…

For you my wuv…

Your sapphire eyez hold in them the key to my furry happiness

Your furz of finest silkiness are the bed fur my head when I needz to dream of bootiful thingz

I hear your purrz an I am sent to a place of bwiss an peace an I join you on a journey of contentmentz

I know we are farz apart in the fizzy-cal my sweet wuv but we are close in the spiwitool

I wuv you my gentle but stwong man an I send to you my wuv on this day of your birth

Eternawee yourz Dinnermintz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



38 thoughts on “Apollo my wuv’s Birthday

  1. Oh My most divineweee poetic wuv of my wives, my emawold eyed Dinnermintz. Thank you so much fur da card. I wuv it so much. I do nots worriez cuz my birfday is a guess day since Mama rescued me as a 12 week owd baby and duz nots knows my weeeol birfday. Besides its da site day here since we wive a days in your past. 🙂
    wuv fwum yous handsum bwoo eyed Ra-god wion man! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
    p.s. Mama says da link to Ku’s bwoggie was witten wong so it duz not winks.


    1. Oh Apollo….we selly-bwate fur a week..this fair ok….you are my most handsome mancat an all the girlz wantz to wuv wuv you..but those bootiful bwoo eyez are mine…..mama’s sometimes not good typistz..mine is furry bad MOL MOL….wuv u too the blue moonz an back my wuv….Dinnermintz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  2. Yow Dinnermintz ya iz so poe-etick n sweet n lubly to yer Apollo…me needz to leern frum ya!!!
    Me get Mum to pop ove n send Conkatz to Apollo frum us!!
    Much lub frum me Nylablue ❤


  3. Yow Dinnermintz me reeelatez!!! Kuruk bringz out da Haiku in me!! Who new an old kittteh gurl like me cuud rite poe-etree??? 😉
    We shure hab da bestest boyfurendz don’t we???
    xo Nylablue xo


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