Saturday stuffz…or stuffed

Hi evfurryone…it’z me Cleo..

Kitties you will unnerstandz why I am furry unhappy at the moment…you see I found a mousie mouse…it waz in the I waz furry excited!

See itz in my nature to want to deaded these mousie mouses when I find them…I look outz on my towerz for them all the timez..

Me look out towerz
Me look out towerz

So I waz torturing    playin with the mousie in the drivewayz…you know smacky paw..whappy whap…tennis..a little bit of cricket an some volley ballz…I let mousie have a chance an run away then whap!! got him..too slow mousie..I chase him in under the fence he went…I jumped over and chased him in to the gardenz..I waz really getting a work outz..I had planz on deading him …..when…..yep it all turned bad………….

My brofur Forrest…yep he is a pup..but nobody told him the rulez bout cats an dogs..he came running over… I lost my concentrationz…mousie ran…and he ran…and….well furriends you will not believe this..

Yep………….Forrest ate my mousie!!!! WTC…………game over…….my dignity iz ruined……….

R.I.P. Mousie………


56 thoughts on “Saturday stuffz…or stuffed

  1. WTC???? Doesn’t he know that Mousies are for us felines? Has he been hanging out with you girl too long and forgot he is a woofie? Too much sunshine bake his head? Sorry Cleo… least you had fun until then!


    1. Oh Marty…I agreez WTC he didn’t even leave me any….straight down…even grannie waz like ewwwww Forrest..spit it out…but gone in 60 secondz..I am off to lookz for more..i will sendz some if I find any…keep it a secretz Marty…and purrs to you an Ralphie <3<3 Cleo


  2. WOL! Forrest is silly! Me and Nalle totally ignored the two giant mousies Apollo brought to the bedroom at 4 am last summer. I hope it was dewishus!
    p.s. MIss Cleo you are beauwoowoooootiful!


    1. Oh Ku you and Nalle are furry good….Forrest seem to think it was delishus…if he even tasted mousie…was gulped down awful quick….grannie said waz nicer than me playin smacky paw….an thanks you fur the complimentz Ku xxxxxxx


  3. Whahahahah! Oh sorry, I shouldn’t have laughed but I can just imagine that scene before me and it looks like Forrest is very satisfied with himself. Shame, sorry you missed out on the chance Miss Cleo. Next time maybe. LOL! These are totally awesome pics of you and Forrest. Love them! 😀


    1. Miss Sonel..I haz been stalkin all day now an no more mousie…I am pretty cheesed off with Forrest..i worked so hard an even Marbles came out to play ping pongz with me and mousie…but nooooo Forrest got hiz big head in an gone!!! OMC I better findz another one….thanks for the complimentz Miss Sonel..even of he does look smug!! 🙂 paw pats Cleo xxx


      1. Awww shame Miss Cleo, I am sure you will find a mousie very soon. Tell Forrest next time he should leave them alone. Mousies are for cute kitties like you. Not cute doggies like him. 😀 xxx


      2. MOL I will Miss Sonel..I think coz he isn’t allowed to eat snakies anymore he is just eating anything that moves…naughty..i will pass the message on and tell him it’s not for pups!! paw pats Cleo…what’s that…..i’m outta here I think I see mousie…..xxxx


  4. What the…!? He did what!? That’s OUTRAGEOUS! LOL 😆 Maybe he’s been living with cats for too long… so he’s adopted a cat’s lifestyle… Meow out loud!! 😉 xxx Roxy & Tigerlino ❤


    1. Roxy and Tigerlino….I am not kidding this brofur of mine is totally out of orderz!!! he makes a good kitty…for a great big pup MOL MOL paw pats Cleo xxx ❤ ❤


  5. difficult… on one hand it was your mouse… on the other hand mice are yummy so Forrest couldn’t resist…. but maybe it’s better not to play with food? I’m sure you will get another mouse, Cleo, don’t be sad that Forrest ate your treat :o)


      1. Maybe Easy…you an Forrest could team up for a hunt…he has caught them before and I don’t know why he doesn’t play smacky paw like me…he just gulps an gone…odd…;)


  6. Yow Cleo me can eemagin ya waz furry upset wif da tern of eeventz!!! Forrest eatin a mousie….what waz he finkin??? 😉
    Mum told me to tell ya her Husky/Shepherd poochie *bogart sam* used to chase mousiez in da house dey lived in n he wuud play smacky paw n volleymouse wif da mousie n umm crunchie da mousie n deed it…Mum wuud purraise Bogart Sam n ask fer da mousie as a giftie n poochie wuud give it to Mum….
    Mum wuud wait fer poochie to bee asleep or outisude n she wuud flush da mousie down da tawlet….
    Clever Mum!
    Lub Nylablue xxxx


  7. Yous knows, that happens to Kozmo. The Hairy Slobbery Sister Cinnamon steals his mice all the time now, since he gived her one last summer!


  8. Well done, Forrest! I enjoy a nice tasty mouse. Pippin sometimes leaves one on the doorstep and I get to it before the bipeds if I can – they only throw it away!


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