Celebratin in the bloggy-sphere

We may be behind with our awardies but we musn’t forgets the special days here in Blogville.. Today we haz many celebrashuns.. Happy birthday to two special catz out there… Oscar from My three moggies is celebratin his 7th birthday…we love Oscar and he is proof Panfurs are cats with purrsonality plus!!! So happy birthday special friend..we gone all arty wiff our cards MOL MOL cos we can’t pizap like mum!!

Happy birthday Oscar!!
Happy birthday Oscar!!

Another special birthday is Cody from Cat chat with Caren and Cody…Cody is also lucky 7 and is always giving great reviews and driving his mum crazy by taking over her puter MOL MOL we love you Cody and hope you haz a great day!!



Happy birthday Cody!
Happy birthday Cody!

And then it is Ku from Haiku by Ku’s Bloggieversary today!! wow what a great  acheivements to meet so many peoplez an anipalz and all through Ku and his wonderful poetry and story of hiz rescue…

Concatualtions Ku ..you are a inspirationz to all anipals!

Happy bloggievarsary Ku !
Happy bloggievarsary Ku !

We hope all of you pop over and wish all the best to our furriends on their special day..and when the mum getz back on board we will show our awardz that loverlly peeps have given to us..


34 thoughts on “Celebratin in the bloggy-sphere

    1. MOL it is great Easy…and we thinks you are great..mumz brother was born on the 2nd and she sayz he should have been born the day before….funny how humanz sometimes prefer their anipals to their family MOL paw pats Cleo xxx


  1. Bravo you are deserving of each award. OMCs the way you dressed everyone for the QofH Ball you deserve an Oscar for Fashion
    Hugs madi your bfff


  2. Dere are so many sellybrashunz goin on Aunti Bev!! Iz bunderfull 🙂
    N today iz Mollie’z birfday of Mollie n Alfie!
    Pawty on!
    Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤
    Pee ess: Mum ssendz her conkatz n lub too xo


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