Stormy weather

Hi evfurry one..we haz  stormy weather yesterday…grannie got so excited..the clouds waz dark and storm warningz waz coming on her phone…even grandad got them an he was over 2000km away wiff hiz work!! so..we haz a play outside an the storm waz brewin….

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You know what we gotz….jack squat…that’s right went right past us…grannie waz furry angry…we needz rain!

So itz still dry az a camelz toenail here an grannie iz sick of waterin the garden…

It haz been rainin fur us though..rainin awardz an finally we got grannie to get her dried up cranky self to post she is so bee-hind she can’t rememberz much about what the rules are so she may be arrested …but she sy what-ev at least she will getz a room services…

The first one is the Sunshine Picnic Award what we gotz from our furriend Sammy ..this is a great award an we haz good weather fur a picnic so what we will bring is Ice-creamz coz they will cool us down..and grannies home made lemon cordialz…please if you needz a break take this picnic awards and we shall join you there…

sunshine-award-sunflower3 from marty

This Sunshine award iz beautifulz..we got this twice!! no wonder we still haz no rain!! first we gotz this from our new and furry lovely friend Marty please pop over and say hello he sure iz lotz of fun! thankyou furry much Marty!!

Then we gotz the same award from another new furriend Daily Musings she has beautiful pictures and great stories and we thank her furry much!!

So we would like to send the sunshine awards to all who haz snow rain sleet and cold….and you can send the rain to uz ok?

Thankyou all we love our furriends so furry much!

On Friday …wait fur it …we haz the introoderzz they  iz coming two by two like they iz boarding an ark…

It’z birthday catch upz an Applefest in here’s the way it’z goin…ready..grannie iz losin her tiny mind..

Thursdayz she haz a CWA she has to finish her minutez…then have the meeting help decoratez the float fur the parade and clean the house..

She still haz to do a bloggie post fur the Applefest on her CWA blog…so more research,,more pictures..

Then she haz to finish the birthday shopping..meanwhile she haz to practice her Apple pie and apple muffin and apple cake recipez..I think she haz the pie though lookz pretty good..

Ready fur the oven!
Ready fur the oven!

Friday grannie haz  her girl Rhiannon an her boyfurriend Michael coming up to stay dinner for four an then after dinner granniez boy Michael iz coming up with hiz girlfriend Nicole so that’s four peeps sleepin over…

Grannie will bakez her Apple pie and Apple cake Friday nightz fur Saturday morningz competiton..

Saturday morning..breakfast for all will be on eggs an baconz yumm…then a war iz goin to start in the kitchen coz Rhiannon iz also enterin the apple muffin sectionz!! boy grandad said he doesn’t want to be near the kitchen as grannie an her daughter battle it out!! BOL BOL ..while they iz baking muffinz …more introoders arrivez…yes the newlywedz! granniez boy Chris an hiz wife Amber and little Jason…so three more peeps to witness the kitchen battle…

Then off to the Applefest fair…taking truckloads of peeps pies muffins and cake…

Then home fur lunch..again ….so  9 fur lunch..i think then late afternoonz there will be four introoderz leaving with three sleepin Saturday dinner for 5….

Sunday breakfast fur 5 muffinz I think BOL BOL there will surely be plenty…

Then sunday more introoders..grannies big boy (my dad) Brad will be up wiff his wife Sarah…so 7 fur lunch…and afternoon tea..

Phew!!! no wonder I iz tired!! Meanwhile grannie haz birthday cake to make…Amber ,Nicole and my Dad all haz birthdayz to catch up on….

And so grannie iz going to be sort of out of touch fur a few dayz…she will try an catch up on bloggies but boy she haz her handz full..

She haz finished her part of the buntin fur the Applefest…that waz a lady did so much grannie made her a speshul card!!

Apple material bunting...
Apple material bunting…

So I iz going to have a sleepz..grannie iz goin to make a big pork an fennel lasagne an freeze it,she has meatballz to make an freeze,she will make the chicken penne pesto on Friday ..then she also today iz making Apple watering the garden and doing the laundry and typin up notes for the meeting on Thursday…

Anyone want to come an help the more the merrierz BOL BOL …

I’m haz a great Wednesday High Paws Doc


47 thoughts on “Stormy weather

  1. Doc, you have the bestest most pawesomest grannie there ever was down unda or up over! WOL! I hope you and Forrest and the girls get to taste a little apple muffins toooowoowoooooooo! Big big nose kissies and bear hugs to Fozziemum!
    p.s. Fozziemummy, Mama is a silly clicky-fingers and efurry time she goes to type Fozziemum it starts out as Foxxiemum! WOL! WOL!


    1. Thanks Ku we likez Grannie too..she iz sure to give uz a little taste and maybe a little bacon too..i will sendz kissies to grannie..she iz cookin like a steam trainz in the food holez BOL BOL…an grannie does the same foxxiemum all the time BOL BOL ..hugs to you and slurpy kissies to your Mama 🙂 Doc xxx


  2. So that is what keeps happening to us when the clouds start bumpin’ around and we SHOULD get rain it turns into a dry heave! You all are going to be busy! Congrats on your awards! Lasagne!!!! That pie looks awesome! Have fun.. 😀


  3. WOW….it’s “all go” at your house isn’t it !!! Never a dull moment – even if you kinda wish some days that you could just RELAX……that apple pie looks pawsome…..and concatulations on your awards……AND have fun with your visitors too! WOO WOO WOO!

    Hugs, Sammy (and his Mom)


  4. I would send you my mom, but her cheesecakes are dangerous, so she wouldn’t be really a help and with her snake-o-phobia she is more a pain in the ass than a helping hand :o) If we have a stormwarning, mom plays always “Waiting for the Hurricane” while I enter the clothes closet. I wish you would get some rain, but without storm and thunder and damaging. Maybe it was the sunshine award what chased the rain away?


  5. sorree ya guys dinna getz any rainz…they say that heer two…100 % chance oh thunderstormz N ya look out side N itz a sunny day in may….best fishes ta everee one in de contest……we hope ya both win grannie N rhia 🙂 enjoys familee time XXXXXXX


  6. Mouesiez Doc me n Mum are xhausted readin all da stuff goin on at yer place! How iz Grannie gonna get eberfing dun?? Doez she haz a clone in da closet?
    It soundz like she will be runnin a restyraunt n Bn B combined!!!
    Me Mum can not bake so she wuud be useless helpin yer Mum…
    As fer da rain me will ask Mum to do a *rain dance* witch werkz fer us….look what happenind here 😉 8 feetz of snow…ut eben snowed again today…give me a breakz..15 dayz til Spring n we lookz like da Arctic n just as fridgid…okayz rant over fer now!
    Kiss Grannie fer us n tell her we adore her beeyond werdz!!
    Muvh Lub frum Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xoxoxoxoxo


    1. Thanks Nylablue…we fink grannie haz a doppel-gangerz..she is behind now cos of the snake thingy yesterday ewwwwww so now she really iz running round like a madwomanz BOL BOL..she haz told me I haz to egt off the puter coz she haz thingz to type fur the meetingz today..i told her you lubbed her and she sayz dittoz 😉 Lubs Doc and grannie and gang xxxxx


  7. It sounds like everybody is going to be really busy! Have lots of fun! That apple pie looks delicious. Love, Cali ,Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)


    1. Nylablue it was scary!! Cleo has too much adventures in her..panther kitties is all the same ….Marbles was the other one out there..i was a good girl 🙂 Dinnermintz paw pats and loves xxxx


  8. Didja pace yerself Aunti Bev??? Huh didja??
    Mum went into a turrible flare-up in WalMart yesturday n she almost fell she waz so weak! CathyJean gotz her home to me n me haz bin nursin her eber since!! She iz doin chorez n writin letterz today n also catchin up wif commintz here…me watchin her likez a hawk!!
    Two can play DAT game!
    Lub ya so much, Nylablue n Mumm too xoxoxo


    1. I saw mum was flat out like a banana skin Nylablue!! poor mum..well I have sort of paced myself but some people are trying to un pace me…long story but I am a bit sore today and a bot stress..oh well I will plug on…crikey 🙂 hugs to you and mum my sweet Lovies Aunti Bev xxxx


  9. MOL peeple try to ‘unpace’ Mum here too n she just blowz a gaskit n getz furry angree!! Dere are timez she walkz away…she can bee purrty scarey…me iz sowwy ya iz sore n bot bot stressed…waitz dat iz pain in da A** rite?? Mum told me bout diz 😉
    Mum WAZ flat as banana iz gonna make her go to bed soon…cause me can not have her flat out tomorrow…we haz a bazillion bloggiez to reed n commint on!!! N NASCAR race to watch too…
    We sendz lub n guud wishez fer no more bot bot pain.
    Lub Nylablue n me Mum too xoxoxo


  10. Me iz a furreeuss kitttehg rul when Mum triez to do too much!! Me will get rite in her face n meow to her to *STOP* n she doez!!!
    Enuff IZ enuff…..
    Me wunderz why Hu’Manz runz about doin so much…cause if ya were nott dere sumone else wuud do what y\ ia doin 😉
    Yer #1 Aunti Bev…bemember dat okayz??
    Lub Nylablue n Mum (who iz typin fer me n watchin da race like a guud gurl!)


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