We iz back…..

Wow what a fab time we had on Sammy’s Moon Trip!  we had some furry strange mal-funk-shunz on the way…we waz lost in space fur awhile.. but thankz to Speedy  and Nylablue an Miss Sherri-Ellen we waz found again!

We walked on the moon an saw the Botanical gardens..had a furry nice banquet an awards ceremony an spent the night in a luxuries room….

We haz had so much fun an would like to give this to Miss Pam fur helpin Sammy organise such a fun trip!

Thankyou Miss Pam!! you iz furry nice an made our trip such funz!

Love from us all here..back on Earth BOL BOL xxxxxx


44 thoughts on “We iz back…..

  1. Oh golly! What a cool “thank you” !!!! Well I appreciate that – it was tons of work but also tons of fun and I’m happy all your crew came along Bev……make sure you get the badge on Sam’s blog this morning for everyone who came on the trip too!!!

    Hugs, Pam


    1. Hahaahah most welcome Pam…they are still zzzzzzzzzz hahahaha and I think you may need a zzzzzzzz too!! they wanted to make sure you knew how much they appreciated you giving your eyes a workout!! I am about to pop over and say G’day to Sammy now 🙂 hugs Bev and gang xxx


  2. Glad everyBODY is back! What an adventure!! They will all be sleeping forever, worn out kids you are going to have.. 😉 Looks like your interswebz is behaving now. Cool Pizap for Pam. Wow she is a whirlwind of organization. I told her a would have folded under the pressure long ago.. 😀


  3. I agree with you, that was a fabulous trip. Many thanks to Sammy&Mom! butt guess what? we still have no clue if the moon is made from cheese… we should go back next time to find it out LOL


    1. Yes we never did see if it was cheese….I thinkz maybe it iz coz it looks blue sometimez…maybe a nice blue cheese Easy…with a satellitez ring of wine BOL BOL High Paws Doc


  4. Mes glad yous gots all your interwebs problems sorted out and that picture for Sammy and his Mommy is devine! And so was mission control!


  5. I so glad to see no one got lost and that you’re all back safely. I am taking a little break but will visit now and then. 😀 *hugs*


      1. hahahaha, I wish! I wouldn’t mind going to some island. Maybe the same one my hormones visit when they leave me here. LOL!
        *big hugs* to all of you. xxx


      2. Seems like grannie and I have the same problem with those silly hormones. I think next time we will leave them home and then go to some exotic island with you guys and Simba ..hahaha. Thanks for the lowly paw pats. Lots of love to all of you. 😀 xxx


  6. Picklez: Phank KATGOD Speedy n Miss Rachel were dere to help us…me got so sick me cuud not get up off dat bed…n Mum waz runnin back n forth…it waz purrty tense…ne we nott want to wurry ya way up dere…it all werked out n dat iz da mane fing…
    **paw patz** Nylablue


  7. MMMMM lubly dinnermintz…
    Guess What?????? Guess What????
    ME NOT going to Vet today witch iz Tuesday; Mumm gonna go buy me more kitteh food n me NOT goin to Vet today!! Woo Hoo!!!!!
    Lub Nylablue =^,,^=


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