Houston we hadz a problem..but now we don’t

Wow haz you all seen the fun we iz having in space…Ralph got uz safely to the moon an we needz to thank Sammy fur all the fun stuffz he haz organised…we thanks goodness the stoopid  puterwebbernuts iz back on board……an so we iz furry happy…we haz had a moonwalkz a trip to the Botanical gardenz…we seen Dinnermintz an her Fee-ant-see Apollo snugglin fur a while…then she sayz goodbye to him..he left the spaceshipz to head home to hiz Mama an brofur and sisfurs……..Dinnermintz iz goin to mizz him furry much………thanks fur the visit Apollo ………

We iz now having a relax in Ralph..we iz just checkin that all the ship is shapez BOL BOL ………

So sit backz guys an relax..we iz cleared Ralph all good..no monster stowaways here…..BOL BOL

Safe travels furriendz! Doc


30 thoughts on “Houston we hadz a problem..but now we don’t

  1. Glad you got that internet whipped into shape! We’ve got the Moon bowing to our every need up here and having a really FAB time…..tomorrow we head back home – I bet you’ve missed all your assorted furramily but we’ve kept them busy enough they should sleep for DAYS when they get back! HAHAHA

    Hugs, Sammy


  2. My most boootiful Dinnermintz, I made it home safeweee fwum the spaceship launch! I wills miss cuddowwing wif yous in pawson, but nows I gets to astwal twavells to da Moon! 😀
    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox, yous handsum bwooo eyes Ra-god space twavveller pawashoooter Apowwo


    1. OH Apollo…I am so purrleased you gotz home safewee…I waz worried ..but you looked so handsomez in your space parachuting gearz..I lookz forward to the night twavelz in space an at home my Ra-god fee-ant-say bwoo eyed man Dinnermintz xxxxxxxxxxxx


  3. Thank goodness we found you Bev and crew. When we click on your name on our blog it took us to some Google + page. All we could see was fall 2013. Now we know where you are.

    What a ‘blast’ we have had on our trip into space. I shared a room with Allie and Ellie. We had a ginormous bed too.
    Hugs madi your bfff


    1. Woo hoo guys….we don’t knowz why silly bloggies turn up in weirdz places but we iz so glad you found us!! was’t the bed huge in the roomz BOL …..and we had a blast wiff you guys too!! hugz and high Paws Doc and gang xxxx


  4. guys…yur room & yur space outer ware clothin iz rockin…hope everee one iz havin a sooper fun time…it sure looks like it….we will sendz up a flare two nite ta say HIGH….look for it round 21 hundred…..that bee space talk for nite time !! hope everee one haza one fish two fish red fish blue fish kinda week oh end !!


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