Take your protein pillz an put your helmutz on

We iz ready to go…..that’s right guyz….Sammy from One Spoiled Cat iz startin the countdowns to the moon trip..oh yeah we iz ready…ok so granniez  had to pizapz again but that’s juzt too bad…so we had to decidez who iz goin…grannie sayz no way she waz pizappin fur 9 of us MOL MOL …Sammy’z  mum had to do like 33980 beelion!!!

So we played cardz….coz we don’t know how to sword fightz like corgis…

So the choice is made….

We haz a space-shus room on the moon….

But we needz to watch out fur this monster….

So we say goodnite now coz the grannie iz furry tired…an her eyez are goin watery BOL BOL …but go to Sammy’s and check out the pawsome entries!…you don’t haz to vote fur uz just go see the furry clever anipals an if you like us you can an if not itz all just lotz of fun! haz a great day! Doc…blowin off…I mean blastin off….:0


44 thoughts on “Take your protein pillz an put your helmutz on

  1. guys…we haz knot been ta sammy’s yet…we will putz R vote in for ewe for what evers ya want votin on !!! bring bak sum green cheese coz itz GOTTA bee better N de moldee $hI# ya get on earth 🙂 haz FUN !!!!


    1. BOL BOL …thanks so furry much! I will comes back I promise..Dinnermintz iz going to drop her fee-ant-see off back to hiz home from the space shipz an well…Oscar..never noes what might happenz to a sheepz on the moon BOL BOL 🙂


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