Santa Pawz missed the markz

We hasn’t been able to put vid-ee-os up fur awhile..we can now so we finally haz proof Santa sometimez getz it wrong…wiff the toyz choices…MOL MOL



30 thoughts on “Santa Pawz missed the markz

    1. Oh Ku it’s a cwazy toy ferret on a ball…Apollo iz chasin it thru the house…humph…I hope he getz bored soon…I want snugglez it’z cold today..i will gives him a kissy an send pishures later of himz wiff it….’Apollo my wuv…stop chasin it an comez give me somez sugar MOL MOL ‘ Luvs Dinnermintz xxx


      1. MOL MOL …he muz haz heard..we iz purrin and lovin in the lounge……..Mommywommy I iz bein a good boy an I be homez soon….wuvwuvwuvwuv Apollo an his Fee-ant-see Dinnermintz xxxxx


    1. She couldn’t care less bwaaaa..this is a vid from after xmas..only just put it up because my youtube was playing up…so she says thanks for the birthday wishes but all over now πŸ˜‰


  1. dinnermintz….frank lee we can sorta kinda all most act shoe ul sorta see why ya dinna want any kinda thing ta due with that tail ore de BURD fetherz….
    hope everee one haza pound oh perch week oh end !!


    1. Dudes.i waz so bored wiff him…roll inta the window alreadyz an leaf me alone…an the fever well..i do likez it but that ferret thingyz waz drivin me batty MOL MOL ..hope the weekendz bring sunshine and tuna an even maybe some crayz fish !! xxxx


  2. I can see Dinnermintz just putting her paw over her mouth and yawning….Bwahhhh!!!! She sure has it made…I think your video was pawesome and I love your voice!!!! I have the southern draw and give extra syllables to words, I do declare!!!! Have a wonderful weekend friend!!!!


    1. Hahhahaah she wa bored beyond belief…just stepped over it with a little whinge! and aww my voice is awful hahahah I prefer y’all southern drawlz….why raaaallly I do πŸ˜‰ you have a great weekend too πŸ™‚


  3. Yow Dinnermintz me finkz dat Santa dude iz on da Nip bigtime…what iz da fing?? dead skuck tail wif a ball?? Me wuud not bee amused either…hoever looks like yer Mum likez da toy πŸ˜‰
    Me Mum iz alwayz playin wif me toyz….
    Lub Nylablue (Mum said me cuud reed a few blogz n yerz waz me ferst pic!)


    1. MOL MOL ..Nylablue we iz sendin you hugz..we not sendin you the stoopid ferret on a ball….I had to stepz over the dang thingz…mum lovez it not as mush as Fozzie though MOL MOL he almost deaded it……Fnaks fur the visit when you not well lubs to you an your mum Dinnermintz xxxxx


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