I haz been dweaming of my Apollo..hiz bootiful bwoo eyez hiz hansomez wion manez..and I thinkz I hope he wuvvs me too….I will see himz for the Madi’s Queen of hearts ball but will he still want to come an get me..itz such a long wayz an I may not be the pwuxurious girl of hiz dweamz………


My Apollo iz the most handsomez mancatz in the worldz…he iz admirerwd by all the lady catz in blogvillez…his eyez of two sapphirez …hiz dweamy face an tickwish whiskaz…

My Apollo
My Apollo

I cannot waitz for the ball…..to tell my wuvv that is shall always wuv him and he iz the only mancatz fur me……….I keep dweamin an astwal twavels an I don’t seez him…..I hope he iz still my wuv!…………..hang on a minutez…mumz callin me fwom my swumberz…it can’t be……….oh my….itz….oh my itz………APOLLO….I can’t beeweave my eyez!! Oh Apollo..my wuvvv you are early an I am not ready an I am uh oh dearz me how iz this realz!!!my wuvvvvvvv……

Apollo iz here Apollo iz here!!
Apollo iz here Apollo iz here!!
Hewwo my boootifuwl emehwold-eyed most pwuxuweeus divine goddess Dinnermintz,
I wuv yoos mo den a nappy in da sunshine
I dweam to sweep and dreams of yoos
So dat we can bees togeder fureveh
As wees astwal twavels to each udder
And kissy and snugglez togeders
fureveh fur infinitees
I wuvswuvswuvs theee!
My most bootifuwl Dinnermintz, will yoos be my goddess in divine yoonyun fureveh? We wills astral twavels togeder each and efurry time weez nappys and sweepys. Yoos aw my twin soul and my soulmate.
I hopes yoos wikes da wing. I have saved all da coins I have pwayed wit fwum Mama’s desk since I was a baby becuz I news I wood find yoos sumday!
I wuv yoos! Yoos handsum bwoo eyes widdow wion man Ra-god
Oh Apollo…*sniffing an leaky eyez….
I would be on-ored I will be wiff you an wuv you fur the rest of my lifez…all of themz..I will nappies wiff you an astwal twavels wiff you an togeverz we will visit the universe of beauty ….you are my soulcat my wionman….you are the shine in my emerwald eyez an the gentle but stwong bweeze that liftz my spiwit to soarz in the skiez…I wuvwuvwuv yooz an will gwadly wearz the bootifulz wing you got wiff your mummaz coinz….
My wionman Ra catz we will be always toogeverz………..
It iz twoo wuvvs
It iz twoo wuvvs
ย Evefurryone we iz pwoud to announce we iz be-twoved …I haz accepted Apolloz pwup-posalz….an we are so happy to sharez this wiff ev-furryone at Madi’s Queen of Heartz Ball….
We iz destined to be toogeverz….my womeo wionman bwoo eyed Ra god….sowwy Lady catz he iz now mine….


60 thoughts on “OH MY APOLLO..I DWEAMS OF YOU

  1. Oh how romantic!!!! You two make a STUNNING couple too……I’m so glad Apollo sent himself to you Dinnermintz to give you those beautiful rings and make it official – you’re ENGAGED !!!! I assume there will be an extravagant engagement pawty or are you just going to carry on all lovey-dovey at the dance and make THAT your official celebration? I’m very happy for both of you…….. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hugs, Sammy


    1. Oh Sammy we don’t know…all the furriends will be ther so maybe but then I know mum would lovez to spend more time organisin a pawty MOL MOL I think Apollo an I might have a talks an see what is next…itz all so quick fur me..i had no idea he waz coming…mum did and she kept a secretz thankyou Sammy you will fur sure be the first to know! Hugs and Paw Pats * flashing that ring!!! Dinnermintz xxxx


  2. Aww congratulations Dinnermintz and Apollo! Dinnermintz, I got a surprise visitor this meowning too! I wrote about it in my bloggie. Although i didn’t have the same kind of reaction you did!

    Purrs, Addycat


      1. Yah. He made himself right at home and is napping on MY stripey pillows right this furry second! How am I supposed to take MY first early morning nappie with this going on?!?!

        I hope Apollo has more manners than This… this… rude gingercat!!!


      2. MOL ..I should hopez so he iz fuury roamnticz..he iz a gentle mancat …this gingerbread boy you haz iz just furry cold when he iz asleepz then you find a wayz to push himz off..or snuggle….;)


  3. conga ratz two ewe dinnermints & apollo !!!!!!! ….we bee veree happee for ewe both…after ewe get married ๐Ÿ™‚ if ewe wood like uz ta cater de receptshunz, let uz noe we will start fishin & freezin em for a feast later on !!! XXXOOO


  4. Apawz Apawz fer Apollo n Dinnermintz!!! me new da seecret too n me cuud not tell ya Dinnermintz…diz iz pawssiblee da sweetest, mostest row-manticakal fing me haz eber seen….
    Apollo IZ yer true lub fer shure โค
    We iz so happy fer ya both!!!
    *sighz deeplee*
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xoxoxoxo


  5. A most BeeYooTiFur Couple of Kittie as there ever has been! Apollo is one lucky Man-Cat and Dinnermintz you are one lucky Lady-Cat! Congrats to both of you!!!
    See you at the Dance
    He Thanks fur following my big Brofur Buddy Budd!
    Timmy Tomcat


    1. Timmy thankyou so furry much fur your loverly complimentz ..we loved the dance and only just camez back to see the commentz ๐Ÿ˜‰ And we think your brofur Buddy Bud is furry sweet ๐Ÿ™‚ Purrs Dinnermintz xxxx


  6. Oh! Dearest Dinnermintz! How so very exciting! Mes is so very happy for yous! And Apollo does has gloriously blue eyes!


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