Mumz other bloggie iz a picshure an poems an ramblinz bloggie…she might be putting picshures up for awhile while itz too hot fur much blabbing on….please hop overz an haz a peek…paw pats Pickles…..


A photo culling day turned into a lovely reminder of a road trip around Tasmania..too hot to do anything I thought I would play games with this picture I took at Cradle Mountain.

This part of Tasmania is astounding and the scenery breathtaking..the day was cold as we travelled during winter but after walking the full distance around we were well warmed up.

Some of the forest within is almost like stepping into a prehistoric inner child was in heaven!

This little boat shed was so old and battered but still held was a lonely little building and when we started our walk it had one look and by the time we had gone full circle it too had warmed …I have a thing for the old and isolated ….



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6 thoughts on “KEEPING MY COOL

    1. Thanks 🙂 it’s a stunning place so serene..went to the Tassie devil sanctuary nearby after…just don’t make it late as driving back to our hotel was fraught because of all the Paddymelons…I have never seen so much wildlife on the roads…we were nearly boggle eyed by the time we got back..they are everywhere and we dreaded hitting one so we were drivng so slowly with me spotting…daytime a must!! 🙂 stay cool tody arghhhhh!


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