1. WOL! MOL! LOL! We all missed the pawty, but looks like it was lots of fun! Woooooowooooooo!
    p.s. from Apollo: oh my boootifuwl Dinnermintz, so glad you is wearing dat buttawfwy! I doos not wants udder kittehs romancing my waydee! wuvwuvwvu to yous my divine goddess.


    1. MOL BOL LOL ….waz a blast Ku ….And Apollo..i waz such a lady..i had just tripped over a ummmmmm..well I waz just tripped over…really I wazn;t drinkin..I missed you an I fended off all the boyz coz I only wuv wuv wuv you my pwince of parties…wuvvvvies Dinnermintz..*hic….xxxxxx


  2. Oh it was a BLAST wasn’t it??? Thanks so much for coming to share my birfday celebration although I think ALL of us just might have partied a bit too hearty! I’m suffering with a bit of a FAT HEAD this morning but then again, SO WHAT – it was my party and I had fun! WOO HOO!

    Hugs and Love, Sammy


    1. Hahah oh Sammy I am sure the FAT HEAD was worth it!! just watch the waistline from all those Bacon goodies 😉 we had a ball 🙂 and could not think of a nicer start to the year 🙂 Hugs and Love Fozziemum xxx


  3. PLOL (Piggy laughing out loud)! Someone is going to being hurting this morning with a headache from partying too hard – snorts. It was a blast!! Too bad we all have to wait another entire year to do it again. XOXO – Bacon


    1. Misaki…is that you?? our eyes is a bit bloodshotz today BOL BOL..we had a blast and we saw you cutting a fine figurez on the dance floor girl 😉 hugs and lubs Forrest xxx


  4. sammy’s partee rocked dinna it !!! N cleo…ewe iz in de USA…sum wear close ta sammy’s houz but we iz knot good at directshunz sew we canna tell ewe if ewe bee SWS oh him ore due east !!!


  5. Yow Dinnermintz how ya doin today?? Me iz in B-I-G truuble wif Mum cause me waz bery notty at da Pawty…wiat til Mum reedz me bloggie 😉
    me might have to come live wif ya n Picklez n da gang!!!
    Lub Nylablue xxxxxxxx


    1. Oh Nylabluez..I am worse fur the waz not to notty..I waz tryin to be good..i missed seein me boy furriend Apollo..he gotz there a bit later an I waz ..well you seen the pics..MOL MOL ..we haz room here..always fur you!! Lubs Dinnermintz arrrgggggggggg xxx


  6. Yow Dinnermintz me finkz we both had a bit too much nipnommiez…Mum still givin me da *stink eye* purrluess me had to go to da Vet’z today (Caturday) fer Pepcid n Cerenia injeckshunz…Mum reelly NOT impurressed….
    Did Apollo get reel upset?? Kuruk waz so upset he not speek to Miss Julianne n napped n mowped n sent me sad email n den we had a meow n fingz are bettur now…me shure leerned me lesson me can tell ya!!!
    Me still might hop aboard a plane n come bizit if Mum keepz givin me *stink eye* 😉
    Lub Nylablue xxxxx


    1. Oh Nylablue ..we seen you been at the vets agan..we start to fink you haz a crush on Dr Dave!! I won’t tellz Kuruk…;)
      If ya mum still gives da stink eye….then hop on a planez 🙂 Lubs Dinnermintz xxx


  7. Yow Dinnermintz…Docktur Dave waz not in; dere waz Miss Christy n Jodi da Vet Teckz…so not a crush on Dr. Dave…
    Mum not givin *stink eye*; now it iz big wurried eyez….*sighz* not shure what iz werse!?!?
    Lub Nylablue xxx


  8. Yow Dinnermintz okayz me tried what ya said n Mum bursted into tearz!!!! Waht da KAT do me doez now????
    Plus me waz all spooked when she came home tonite n she got leeky eyed again….pleeze help!!!
    Me not nose what to do now!
    Lub Nylablue xxxx


    1. Nylablue..mumz is a mess…best just hurumph a bit an then tell mum to calm the farm down..mumz are EMO’s like them kidz in black…luvvinz to you an leaky eyed mum Dinnermintz xxx


  9. Me told her to calm dda *farm* down n she gave me ‘stink eye’…me can not win diz one Dinnermintz 😉
    me finkz me iz gonna call Mum EMO frunm now on..dat iz a cute nickyname…can me use it??
    Lub Nylablue xx


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