1. Oh pup, oh pup! If you got a moose, I must be getting a kangarooowooowooooooo! 🙂
    Merry merry Christmas Fozziemum and gang! xoxoxoxoxoxo, Ku
    Shhhhh…don’t tell Santa Paws I’m on the computerwebbernezt on my bloggy break!


    1. BOL BOL must be getting one Ku …if wa haz a moose!! boy his singin drives me nutz ev-furry year….Merry Christmas to youuuuu tooooKuuuuu and your mummy :0 Pee Ess we wont tell…coz we not meant to be here eitherz BOL BOL loves Doc and gang and Grannie(Fozziemum ) xxxxxxxxx


    1. Hehehe thanks 🙂 always find their names just suit them to a tee…..and all the girls talk to me..unless like Pickles you wake them up hahhaha 🙂 glad you enjoyed my sweeties …:)


  2. Bev, I just have to say that I love how the animals react to your presence and your voice….tails wagging, happy voices, they obviously adore you as you do them….what a wonderful Christmas you’re all going to have. Your house looks lovely and festive and ready for Santa Paws to arrive! May you and your entire family have a joyful holiday – you certainly give all of us a lot of joy!!

    Love and Hugs, Pam (and Sam)


    1. Oh that is such a sweet thing to say Pam and thankyou so much..i adore my babies and I do hope they think i’m alright too 🙂 we are almost organised so now we can ease up a bit before the onslaught…I wish you Sammy and of course your hubby AKA know who 😉 a wonderful Christmas also and in return I also think you bring us smile a mile over here too!!
      Love and hugs Bev and the whole can of crazies 😉 xxx


  3. cleo!!!! we hurd ewe cleer heer in TT!! we loves it:). N doc N forrest..yur mooze sings better N de food serviss gurl!!! we iz knot at a pea cee this week, sew if we due not get bak thiz way two morrow which iz all reddy ther two day for ewe we hope ewe all haza veree merree christmas
    N a kewl weatherz day N noe snakes N lots of love!!!!!!!


    1. Thanks guys….I iz singin pretty good and mush better than grannie what sounds like a car tyre blowin out mol mol….the moose iz not bad eitherz……we gave grannie a mewy xmas pile of spewz this morning …she luvs it MOL MOL …MEWY CHRISTMAS GRANNIE ……haz a great xmas guyz and enjoyz the day an it’s cooler now and no snakies….bonus!! Loves Cleo and gang xxxx


  4. Mum did da same to da Catmess Tree n da ornamintz Doc…dey in da tote n me blankiez on top fer a bed by da window…poor stuff all stuffed away….glad we not stuffed!!! 😉
    Lub Nylablue


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